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June 4, 2007




Mike Martin

“It always the hardest thing, is the end of the season and you have a group of young men that have represented themselves in such a first class manner. It’s always difficult, it never gets easy. Like I told them, it was a good year. You look back and you can’t take anything away from what they accomplished. Certainly there’s an empty feeling because we did not achieve the goal that we set for our team but that’s certainly not to take away from the accomplishments of these three young men (Jack Rye, Tony Thomas, Jr., Brandon Reichert). We could certainly be without all of them next year. We will definitely be without Brandon and with the year that Tony and Jack had, there will certainly going to be opportunities for them in professional ball.”

(on not being able to hit the ball)

“You know I can’t say that. I mean this club played solid baseball. We got beat tonight. I don’t want to minimize the fact that things didn’t go exactly the way we wanted them. Certainly, we’re disappointed, we lost but you know, there are a whole lot of folks that are disappointed today. There’s going to be a lot of folks tomorrow that are disappointed. This ball club brought me so much satisfaction.”


Tony Thomas, Jr.

(on falling short of team goal)

“Everybody on the team, we all went out there and gave it all we got. It’s heartbreaking to know that everything you worked hard for and to come a few hits short of that, it’s just very heartbreaking.”

(on seniors playing last game)

“It’s very tough. It’s the last time they’ll play collegiate baseball. It’s just a fun atmosphere and a great sport to play and to know it’s your last game ever at a college level is just tough.”

Ron Polk

“I’m proud of the boys. You know, Florida Sate, I just told Mike (Martin), is such a great ball club with great tradition and a great home record. I think it’s a credit to our players, I think they played extremely well these three games. Even the last two or three weeks, even though we’ve lost some real close ballgames and gone to Hoover (SEC Tournament) and played Ole Miss and Vanderbilt … one or two more hits we probably could have stayed there a little longer. Our pitching has been outstanding that three, three and a half weeks and we had to hit and we did tonight. We made the plays. When Brian LaNinfa makes a play like that, you know you are going to have a good defensive game. I’m proud of the guys. It’s a good win for us and at the same time, I told Mike Martin after 39 years of coaching, I’ve lost games at home and I felt great for our kids but I looked across the way and I felt bad for them because they had such a great year. Playing home and supposed to win.”

Josh Johnson

(on scouting FSU offense)

“He told me before the game to dominate the three zone which is away from righties, away from lefties, at the knees. He said you can get these guys out. I came out tonight having that game plan in mind and luckily all three of my pitches were working and gave our team a chance to win.”

Mitch Moreland

“Lately it seems like we’ve been missing that big hit. The last part of the regular season and in the tournament a little bit, we were just missing that big hit. We knew when we started getting that big hit we would get hot and at it would turn us around. We did it all three games here and we just played well and it was back to the same old line up; seems like we could tackle anybody.”

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