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2009 Florida State Softball Camps


April 2, 2009


Florida State Softball will facilitate camps, clinics and team camps for athletes of all ages on Mondays in the month of April.

Keep checking Seminoles.com for more camps and clinics available next month!



April 6 (Pitching/Catching Camp)      

                                                         Price                    Time

*Pitching                                             $40                        6-8 p.m.

*Catching                                            $50                    6-8 p.m.

*All ages                                                                                                                                                                                           

April 13 (Hitting and Pitching Camp)

Hitting                                               Price                    Time

*All ages                                            $50                    6-8 p.m.   

Pitching                                             Price                    Time

*All ages                                            $40                    6-8 p.m.


April 20 (Pitching/Catching/Fielding Camp)

                                                         Price                   Time

Pitching                                              $40                    6-8 p.m.

Catching                                             $50                    6-8 p.m.

Fielding                                              $50                        6-8 p.m.

*All ages                                           


April 27 (Pitching/Slap Hitting and Speed Training Camp)

                                                         Price                    Time

Pitching                                              $40                     6-8 p.m.

Slap hitting and Speed Training              $70                     6-8 p.m.

*All ages


**Please contact us by phone or email no later than FRIDAY each week so we know who will be attending.

** Each session is a separate cost.

** Please make checks payable to Florida State softball camps


Contact Info for Monday camps:

Tommy Santiago or Angel Santiago             

Phone: 850-644-6425       




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