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June 6, 2009


Florida State 8 Arkansas 9


Arkansas Head Coach Dave Van Horn

Opening Statement: “It was a great comeback, it was a very exciting game to watch. It was very stressful, that was heartbreaking in the top of the ninth watching Stephen (Richards) give up a tough hit down the right field line. What a great hitter that leadoff hitter [Tyler Holt] is. Holt is just such a tough out and he just fought and fought and fought. We knew in the dugout if it got back to the top of the order with anybody on base it could get a little bit hairy and it did. Just hats off to our team for battling in the bottom of the ninth. We let a couple of leads slip, we’ve come from behind all year until really the last couple of weeks, it’s the first time we’ve been ahead. We’ve had to battle down a lot and I just think that helped us persevere through it. There wasn’t anybody getting after anybody in the dugout. Stephen was frustrated at himself, but nobody was yelling at anybody we were just thinking get somebody on base and we can win the game and that’s a 21 year old at bat right there, [Andrew Darr] is a senior that hadn’t played a lot in the last month and he’s good enough to play everyday, he just couldn’t get in the lineup with two seniors up the middle that were just playing flawlessly. He battled and finally drew a walk, got a big hit and he hit the double before I even knew what happened. I saw a breaking ball shoot into the alley and I was just hoping Zack [Cox] could get there for the game.”

RF Andrew Darr

On making it to Omaha: “I’m really at a loss for words right now. It’s just a great feeling for the entire team. Having a tough top of the ninth and then respond in the ninth inning, we found a way to get back in it and the rest is history

1B Andy Wilkins

“We’re going to Omaha, I pretty excited to say those words. It’s pretty unbelievable, the whole team just fought and fought and fought the whole year. We went through some tough times and it’s really paying off now.”

Florida State Head Coach Mike Martin

Opening Statement: “It’s obviously disappointing. It’s not my first time getting beat two straight. I don’t know when I have enjoyed, and I mean this, a year more for what these young men accomplished. They deserve the credit. I really felt all along that there was two outs, two strikes, a man on first and we were down two. And we had Tyler Holt at the plate. I’m not sure but I think that the last base hit that he got made him end up hitting .400. He had an incredible year. And (Jason) Stidham battling to get that base hit to put us ahead. Stephen Cardullo battling like crazy and getting the big base hit to tie it up. I thank God that I do what I do because not many people get to go through experiences like this as a coach. This aint fun but I got to go through it. I got to enjoy watching Stephen Cardullo hit .370 after being at shortstop for the first time in his career at Florida State and becoming an All-ACC player. I’m very disappointed.”

“It’s a game that we all have played and sometimes you just have a bad outing. Unfortunately there were some things that happened today that were unfortunate. I will not say one critical word about this baseball team because to go back and dwell … like I told the guys – the sun is going to come up tomorrow and we are going to move on. We will use a lot of what we learned this year to try and get better next year.”

“Didn’t he (Brian Busch) look great? He was at 101 (pitches) and he ended at 105. It was so encouraging to see him get out there and battle against a very good club. He just showed what he’s all about. He made quality pitches when he needed to make them. I’ll be honest with you, I was wanting to get four or five (innings) out of him today and he gave us six. I just say enough about that young man.”

“Arkansas has an exceptional club and I mean that. Boy…Keuchel and Richards and Bolsinger. They pitched very well, very well for two ball games. I told Dave outside the room, they can win it just as easily as anybody else.”

LF Mike McGee

“I never felt out of it when we were coming up to bat. I thought we had a chance. If we could get it back to the top of the lineup we were good. (In the bottom of the ninth) Jack got the first guy out and I was feeling good out there. It happened real quick.”

On the final play: “When it was hit it I just started sprinting as hard as I could to get over there, I picked up the ball and I threw it as hard as I could. I tried to get it as quickly as I could to Jason (Stidham) and (Stephen) Cardullo.

SS Stephen Cardullo

“I got mostly sliders, I think I had three or four in that (last ninth inning) at bat. When he threw it that last time, I got the hit. I had seen enough to be able to put a good swing on it.”

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