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2010 Spring Grads

April 30, 2010

Fifty Seminole student-athletes representing 15 athletic teams will receive degrees as commencement ceremonies are held this weekend at the Tallahassee Leon County Civic Center.  Football’s Christian Ponder and Bobby Cameron, from the men’s tennis program, earned MBAs while overall, FSU student-athletes earned degrees from 11 different colleges.  The swimming & diving program led all teams in number of spring graduates with 13 while track & field was a close second with 10 student-athletes.


James Marshall                 Baseball                               Interdisciplinary Social Science


Ryan Reid                            Men’s Basketball             Social Sciences


Angel Gray                          Women’s Basketball       Social Science

Alysha Harvin                     Women’s Basketball       Social Science

Jacinta Monroe                 Women’s Basketball       Criminology       


Matt Huckaby                    Cross Country                    Exercise Science

Amanda Quick                   Cross Country                    Sport Management

Lydia Willemse                  Cross Country                    Chemistry & Biochemistry


Ricardo Cannon                Football                                Political Science

Brandon Davis                   Football                                Social Science

Louis Givens                       Football                                Biology                

Ryan McMahon                 Football                                Economics

Christian Ponder              Football                                MBA

Ashuwa Richardson        Football                                Social Science   

Jeff Taccetta                      Football                                Marketing

Jeremiah Thompson       Football                                Political Science


Lacey Agnew                      Women’s Golf                   Sport Management

Jamie Kuhn                         Women’s Golf                   Advertising


Kimberly Diaz                     Soccer                                   Sport Management


Robin Ahrberg                   Softball                                 Sport Management

Terese Gober                    Softball                                 Sport Management

Kaleigh Rafter                    Softball                                 Criminology

Carly Wynn                         Softball                                 Psychology


Melanie Cabassol             Swimming & Diving         Family & Child Science and Psychology

Jessica Carr                         Swimming & Diving         Family & Child Science & Rehab Services

Shanda Casella                  Swimming & Diving         Social Science

Carlyn Cavalieri                 Swimming & Diving         Advertising

Tiffany Elias                        Swimming & Diving         Criminology

Kylsie Grimes                     Swimming & Diving         Social Science

Jennifer Guyler                 Swimming & Diving         Exercise Science

Carissa Hanna                    Swimming & Diving         Science Education

Aleia Monden                   Swimming & Diving         Human Sciences

Katie Sirounis                     Swimming & Diving         Marketing & Management

Stevi Steinhauer               Swimming & Diving         Sport Management

Daniel Bradford                Swimming & Diving         Social Science

David Toffaletti                 Swimming & Diving         Sport Management


Chris Cloer                          Tennis                                   Social Science

Bobby Cameron               Tennis                                   MBA


Bryan Howard                    Track & Field                      Physical Education

Aaron Steele                      Track & Field                      Studio Art

Travis Whitfield                 Track & Field                      Physical Education

Caila Coleman                    Track & Field                      English & Spanish

Amber Cornell                   Track & Field                      Physical Education

Valerie Flournoy               Track & Field                      Human Resource Mgmt.

Brittany Janson                 Track & Field                      Hospitality Mgmt.

Lizbeth Mabry                   Track & Field                      International Affairs & Geography

Kayann Chambers           Track & Field                      Criminology & Criminal Justice

AnnaLee Maciejko          Track & Field                       Biology


Nikki Baker                         Volleyball                            Merchandising

Lauren Richardson           Volleyball                            Dietetics




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