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2012 Season Preview

Jan. 20, 2012

By Scott Kotick, Seminoles.com

With every season comes new expectations and a fresh group of faces.

For the Florida State Women’s Tennis team, the 2012 squad will have an especially new look. With a host of freshmen and just four juniors, the Seminoles are excited to experience a new season with fresh opportunities and goals.

“It’s a different vibe this year than it’s been in years past, but every year is different,” head coach Jennifer Hyde said. “It’s always going to come with unique challenges, and we’re definitely having those. But things are slowly coming together and it’s exciting. It’s a new breath of air in the program, and we’re just looking to build on what’s been built so far.”

“This year we have four freshmen, so it’s a brand new team basically,” junior captain Francesca Segarelli said. “They’re unbelievable players, so I’m super excited to see what we can do, because there are pretty high expectations, but to prove it is something different. I’m really excited for that.”

After an outstanding finish to the 2011 season, this group of Seminoles has a new confidence entering 2012. They earned back-to-back victories over the number two and three teams in the nation last season, and even had match point in the ACC Championships.

With returning veterans like Francesca Segarelli, Amy Sargeant, Noemie Scharle, and Ruth Seaborne, the core of this team has returned–after experiencing the best that college tennis has to offer last season.

“It was the beginning of everything, and it was the beginning of everything we can achieve,” sophomore Ruth Seaborne said. “I hope we can get confidence and just build from that.”

“The older ones-Ruth, Amy, Fran, and Noemie-they’ve been through a lot in this program and they’ve been a the peak,” Hyde said. “They bring that experience with them and I think that’s only going to make us better because they have expectations and they’re going to make sure that the younger ones don’t fall short.”

“At the end, to beat number two and three in the nation and then to have match point in the ACC championship, you don’t know what to expect anymore,” Segarelli said. “This year, we can expect so much and I’m motivated.”

“There’s a lot of momentum definitely going in, but at the same time it’s a new year. We’ve got a team we’re trying to build,” Hyde said.

It’s time to start building, but for the Seminoles, the foundation has never been better.

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