February 4, 2020
2019 And 2020 Femina Perfecta Award Honorees Announced

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — The Seminole Boosters honored FSU’s most outstanding female student-athletes in naming its 2018-2019 and 2019-20 Femina Perfecta Award winners. First awarded in 2005, the Femina Perfecta Award was established to honor the “Complete Woman” who best embodies the Florida State motto of Vires, Artes, Mores. The award is presented annually to one woman from each of Florida State’s athletic teams as voted on by their teammates.

Femina Perfecta was the motto that appeared on the school seal when the institution was the Florida State College for Women. The “complete woman” was expected to possess the traits of Vires (strength), Artes (knowledge) and Mores (tradition) symbolized by the three torches of that seal. In short, FSCW women were expected to have sound minds and sound bodies. Athletics was viewed as essential in developing both and every student was expected to participate in at least one sport every year.

The Femina Perfecta Awards honor an athlete in each sport, chosen by her teammates, who best personifies these characteristics. The goal is to continue the traditions begun many years ago at the school. This year’s Femina Perfecta award winners will receive their medals during the Champions Beyond the Game celebration on Saturday, February 8, and are listed below.

2019 Kiah Gillespie Basketball
2019 Devan Hultquist Beach Volleyball
2019 Sarah Myers Cross Country
2019 Ayla Bonniwell Diving
2019 Sandra Salonen Golf
2019 Emily Madril Soccer
2019 Dani Morgan Softball
2019 Nina Kucheran Swimming
2019 Nandini Das Tennis
2019 Ka’Tia Seymour Track and Field
2019 Taryn Knuth Volleyball
2020 Nausia Wolfolk Basketball
2020 Madison Fitzpatrick Beach Volleyball
2020 Ella Swigler Cross Country
2020 Savannah Brown Diving
2020 Sandra Salonen Golf
2020 Brooke Bollinger Soccer
2020 Dani Morgan Softball
2020 Nina Kucheran Swimming
2020 Emmanuela Salas Tennis
2020 Janae Caldwell Track and Field
2020 Taryn Knuth Volleyball
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