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5 Questions With…Warrick Dunn

April 14, 2006

Prior to the 2006 Spring Game, FSU alumnus and former quarterback Gary Pajcic and former Seminole running back Warrick Dunn, met on Bobby Bowden Field at Doak Campbell Stadium for a special presentation. Pajcic, on behalf of FSU and his law firm Pajcic and Pajcic, presented Dunn with $100,000 for the Warrick Dunn Foundation.

During the first half of the game, Sports Information caught up with Dunn and asked him a few questions.

What’s it like being back at Florida State?

Dunn: “It’s good to come back. I see a lot of change with the additions to the stadium and the locker room and I have also gotten the opportunity to be on the field that I played on for four years. To come back out here and just touch the grass a little bit – it just brings back memories.”

Talk a little bit about your foundation and today’s presentation.

Dunn: “With the Warrick Dunn Foundation, what I do is have a program called Home for the Holidays where I help single mothers purchase homes and we give them a down payment and also furnish the homes with food, linens, furniture, etc., etc. For us, it’s important to help people establish some ownership and the reason I am here today is because Gary Pajcic donated $100,000 to the Warrick Dunn Foundation because of my philanthropy work. That was just huge.”

What does it mean to you to have a fellow Seminole make such a contribution?

Dunn: “I just think it means a lot because obviously we take care of each other. Here’s a guy who is blessed to be wealthy and he cares a lot not just for his own family, but for his Florida State family. I think he’s a philanthropist also so to have him give back is just huge.”

What are your impressions of this year’s team?

Dunn: “Well, I talked with some guys and the guys are happy. Obviously, things are a lot better than they have been in years past. They’re just looking for Florida State just to get back to where they were in previous years.”

Always a Seminole?

Dunn: “Always a Seminole.”

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