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A Message To The Fans

Feb. 6, 2010

Dear Fans:

We appreciate your support and encourage you to continue to make The Tucker Center a great environment for basketball and a true home court advantage. HOWEVER, several incidents during Thursday’s game against Maryland were a problem and simply will not be tolerated.

We will prosecute to the fullest extent possible anyone who throws an object towards the court. We have increased security and will use every means possible to avoid an incident like this in the future, including the use of video to identify perpetrators.

In addition, fans in our arena used inappropriate language in taunting cheers. We encourage you to report anyone using vulgar language to the nearest usher. I know you join me, and our basketball staff, in making sure that WE don’t become THOSE kinds of fans…we never have been and never should be!

Cheer Right, Cheer Loud and Go `Noles.

Randy Spetman

Director of Athletics

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