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A Powerful Comeback

Seminoles’ junior Alex Powers is vying to become the 8th Florida State player to be selected as the ACC player of the year, after two years removed from her second ACL tear.

“It says a lot about her in the sense of, ‘I’m not going to let this be an excuse for what I have ahead of me and I am going to give everything I have of it’,” head coach Lonni Alameda said. “She took it as an opportunity.”

Now she’s got career numbers in almost every offensive category and leads the team in batting average and hits including 13 home runs with 54 rbis along with a 717 slugging percentage. She’s also in the top 5 of the ACC in six offensive categories. Numbers no one could have expected.

“In all honesty no,” athletic trainer Eunice Hernandez said. “I am so proud of her, it definitely lends to the highlights as athletic trainers experience. It’s great to see her get up to bat and just battle and break windows during practice of cars in the parking lot. In all honesty I did not think she would come back the way she did, that quickly.”

“I’m quicker, stronger, a lot smarter,” junior Alex Powers said. “That year that I redshirted after the first knee helped me so much. It’s funny because so many people think of an injury as a disaster, but it really is the best thing that ever happened to me.”

“Through adversity, through tearing her ACL, through finding out who she really is, she’s gained confidence in being able to swing the bat real well right now,” Alameda said.

But it wasn’t easy at the time, ten months after tearing her right ACL, Powers tore the left. And it came right at the time her grandmother passed away.

“It was a really hard time in my life because I didn’t have my parents there for my second surgery, so I did that alone,” Powers said. “I was very close with my grandma and she ended up passing away.”

“It’s such a mental thing on her part,” strength and conditioning coach Caitlin Quinn said. “That’s why it’s so impressive for her to be like, ‘so what, here we go,’ and do the work she has done has been really impressive.”

Especially when you take into consideration that within 4 months her second surgery, Powers was back on the field swinging. The mental fortitude to bounce back not only translated to impressive numbers, but she also became one of the strongest and fastest on the team.

“Seeing her come back from this injury or both injuries is just amazing because she has come back and has come back well,” Hernandez said. “She’s a lean mean machine. It was not that she was out of shape when she first got to Florida State, but she’s really honed in on improving her skills, on improving her fitness, on improving her agility. She’s a specimen for sure.”

“She didn’t just take I am going to be the hitter I wanted to come here and be and everyone knew I could be, she took I am going to be the best athlete I can be in the classroom, off the field, on the field, everywhere,” Alameda said. “That came from the opportunity from an ACL team, and that’s crazy to say, but she has found out who she is and she is confident in that. It is great to see.”

“I do have a sense of pride, it’s a huge team effort from the coach to Eunice to Jerry [Latimer],” Quinn said. “I think we all watch her with the same kind of gleam of that we are so proud of this kid that has been a real joy to work with.”

And for Powers, it’s a joy to be able to get out on the diamond, healthy once again.

“I love softball, everything about softball,” Powers said. “It’s been my life for so long and I think now I take every opportunity and every experience and soak everything I can up because it means so much to me. It’s pushed me to be who I am today.”

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