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A Seminole Conversation – Kevin Emanuel

Aug. 21, 2002

Florida State’s defensive front returns intact with junior Kevin Emanuel as one of its’ anchors from the right end position. He started 10 of Florida State’s 12 games, had four tackles and forced a fumble in the Seminoles’ Gator Bowl victory over Virginia Tech during the 2001 season. Emanuel sat down with just before Florida State’s final practice for its season opener against Iowa State and discussed leadership, earning his bachelor’s degree this past summer and who his favorite NFL player is.

As One Of The Returning Veterans, How Important Is Your Leadership To The Overall Success Of The 2002 Team?

“I think my leadership, and everybody’s leadership, is very important to the success of this team. We all have to be leaders to reach our overall goal of winning the national championship. If everybody plays their role and steps up in a leadership role we will be successful. Every player on this team has leadership characteristics and if every player works hard, then we will be a very good football team.”

What Is The One Thing You Have Concentrated On So Far In Practice To Display You Leadership?

“I have worked very hard during practice to help get all of my teammates on the same page and playing for one common goal – to win all of our games. It is very important that we all play well together and are all on the same page. As a leader, I have taken on the responsibility to work with the younger players to make sure they stay on track during practices and meetings. It is the role of the leaders on this team to help the players after they might have fallen off track. It is up to us to let them know what they need to do to get back on track.”

Has The Intensity In Practiced Been Turned Up A Notch Now That Game Week Is Here?

“As a team, we turned the intensity up when two-a-day practices began in early August. I think it was important for us to turn up the intensity then rather than now so we could begin to build up our momentum for the season. If we began to turn our intensity up this week, it might not do very much for us. But, since we began practice in early August with a great deal of intensity, it will definitely help us when we play Iowa State.”

Complete This Sentence: This Season Will Be A Success If…

“This season will be a success if everyone plays their role and does what they have to do each time they step onto the field. It doesn’t matter if you are playing as a member of the scout team or the first team. Coach Bowden says ‘Everybody must play their role for us to be successful’ and I believe in that very much.”

What Is Your Most Prized Possession?

“My most prized possession is my degree in library and information studies I received this summer. I graduated from college and that was one of my goals when I came to school here.”

The Team Will Play At Arrowhead Stadium Against Iowa State. What Is It Like To Play In An NFL Stadium?

“I have been fortunate throughout my career to play in a couple of NFL stadiums. I played in Texas Stadium while I was in high school and played in AllTell Stadium, where the Jaguars play, during my first year at Florida State. The experience of playing in Arrowhead Stadium is going to be great for our entire team. The atmosphere generated by playing in an NFL stadium is unbelievable.”

Who Is Your Favorite NFL Player And Why?

“My favorite NFL player of all-time is Lawrence Taylor. Every time he got the opportunity to go onto the playing field he played full speed. He never slowed down on any play and that’s what made him one of the greatest players of all time. He was also a team player and achieved the things he did without being an individual on the field.”

What Kind Of Music Do You Like To Listen To And Who Are Your Favorite Groups Or Performers?

“I like to listen to a variety of music such as R&B, rap and gospel. My favorite gospel singer is Kirk Franklin; my favorite R&B artist is R. Kelly and my favorite rap performer is Tupac.”

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