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A Seminole Conversation: Linebacker Michael Boulware

Aug. 3, 2002

Seminole linebacker Michael Boulware, who ranked fourth in the ACC and tied for the team lead with three interceptions during the 2001 season, began practice for the 2002 season with his teammates Aug. 3. The junior had a career-high 11 tackles against Clemson and Maryland last season and recorded six tackles for loss (-17 yards). He took time out of his two-a-day schedule and sat down with

How Does It Feel To Be Back In Two-A-Day Practices?
“It feels good to be back on the practice field. I’m excited about this year and the many things this team can do. I am excited to be practicing with my teammates.”

How Much Anticipation For You Is There As You Enter The Season?
“For me there is a whole lot of anticipation and excitement to get started. I feel that my teammates, our coaches and our fans are expecting a lot from me this season. I’m also expecting a lot from myself. I’m really excited about the season because I worked really hard to prepare myself to play. I want to be prepared to help my team and my teammates.”

What Are Your Expectations and Goals As The Season Begins?
“I am looking forward to being a spiritual leader and being a team leader both on and off the field. I want to be a guy the rest of the players can look up to. I am really looking to help this team out as much as possible throughout the entire season. I am going to do my best at all times for this team and my teammates.”

What Are Goals For The Team?
“We want to win the national championship. That’s the ultimate goal. No matter what, we want to win the national championship. We would also like to go undefeated – that is a goal of ours also.”

What Do You Need To Do To Prepare For The Season During The Next Three Weeks?
“There is a lot I need to do to get ready to play Iowa State. I need start from the ground up and start fresh as this season begins. I have a lot of confidence in my abilities and now I have to use that confidence and work with the plays we have to run and work with my teammates. That’s where we all have to build from and that’s where our work begins.”

How Often Do You Talk To Your Brother, Former Seminole All-American Peter Boulware, And What Kind Of Advice Does He Give You?
“Now that both of our seasons have started, I don’t talk to him as often I would like to. The advice he gives me is individual and helps me grow as a person or a player. He also gives me advice on how I can handle situations that allow me to be a better team leader. Most of the time, he gives me advice on a certain move or a certain aspect of my game that will allow me to become a better player.”

You Traveled To South Africa In March. Tell Us A Little Bit About Your Trip
“Our trip to South Africa during spring break was truly a blessing for me. It was a great experience go over there and see what the environment and the culture was like. The opportunity to serve in that situation was great and hopefully we will get another chance to do something like again next spring.”

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