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A Seminole Conversation – Robert Morgan

Aug. 22, 2002

Robert Morgan returns for his senior season as one of the nation’s top receivers. Morgan missed all of last season after injuring his right knee during preseason practice. He visited with shortly before the team left for Kansas City and discussed returning to the field after his knee injury last season, what he learned watching the game of football and who his biggest role model is.

What Has Been The Best Thing About Returning To The Field After Missing All Of Last Season?

“The best thing about returning to the field after missing all of last season is having another opportunity to play college football at Florida State. I came to Tallahassee during the spring of 1998 and didn’t redshirt, so I am able to play this season. I am thankful for that. That made me fell good that I could come back this season and be a contributor to the success of this team.”

What Was The Hardest Part Of Your Rehabilitation During the Course Of The Last Year?

“The hardest par of my rehabilitation over the course of the last season was getting over the mental hurdles I had to overcome. It was a mental roller-coaster ride every single day. I woke up each morning knowing I had a long day ahead of me, Monday through Friday.”

What Are You Most Looking Forward To Saturday Against Iowa State?

“I am most looking forward to a win by the Seminoles.”

What Did You Learn About The Game Of Football By Just Watching Last Season?

“I realized I could learn just as much about the game of football by watching as I do by playing. When you are playing and in the game, you are constantly learning new things. When you have to watch the game from the sidelines, I think you can learn more.”

What Are Your Individual Goals As You Enter Your Senior Season?

“I feel like nothing has changed entering this season because I have always set high goals for my self. I’m not going to put any added pressure on myself because it is my last season in college. I am going to go out and do what I have been doing since the first day I arrived on campus.”

What Do You Look For When You Are Watching Film Of An Opponent?

“I watch for his tendencies and how I can use my skill to beat my man. I look for how he plays his defenders – Does he turn inside or outside? Does he try to jam or play press coverage? Does he play loose coverage? Does he look at the quarterback or at the receiver? I try to study the different angle he is going to take to cover me.”

Going Into Your Final Season At Florida State, What Do You Want Your Legacy To Be?

“I want people to remember me as a player who always worked his hardest both on the field and off the field while I was at Florida State. I want people to know that I took advantage of every opportunity that came my way to help make the Seminole football program better every day I was a member of the team.”

Who Has Been Your Biggest Role Model In Sports?

“My biggest role model in sports has been Michael Jordan. I was happy to see him return to the NBA after everything he went through. I feel like I am in a similar to boat as Michael in returning from my injury. I’m looking forward to getting back and doing my job in the field just as he came back and was able to do his job on the basketball court.”

Do You Have Any Famous Members of Your Family?

“My mother and my father – they are famous to me.”

Tell Us Something That Outsiders Might Not Know About Robert Morgan?

“Something that people might not know about Robert Morgan is that I am a junior – my father is Robert Morgan, Sr.”

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