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A Seminole Conversation – Wide Receiver Anquan Boldin

Aug. 6, 2002

Junior Anquan Boldin returns to his starting wide receiver spot this season after missing all of last season and most of spring drills after tearing his ACL during preseason drills last year. Boldin, who enjoyed the best performance of his Seminole career in the 2000 Miami game where he logged 108 yards on six receptions, is in the midst of two-a-day practices with his teammates in preparation for Florida State’s Aug. 24 opener against Iowa State. He took time from his practice and meeting schedule to speak with about his rehabilitation from surgery and his goals for the season.

It Looks As If You Made a Full Recovery From Knee Surgery. How Does It Feel?

“My knee feels pretty good after two days of practice. It’s holding up well and I am able to cut on it in ways that gives me confidence that my rehabilitation went well. It also feels like its keeps getting stronger each and every day. I’m also running well on it and in two-a-days that can be tough. So overall I think it’s holding up pretty well.”

What Did You Learn From The Sidelines Last Season While You Were Not Playing?

“I learned how to be a student of the game while I was on the sidelines and not able to participate last season. I watched a lot of film and studied a lot of others players tendencies. It think I will be able to take my game to a different level because I have a better understanding of what defenses are going to do before they even do it. I think knowing what the defenses are going to do and understanding them is going to help me prepare that much better for each game.”

What Was The Toughest Thing About Not Being Able To Play Last Season?

“The toughest thing about not being able to play last season was that I was not able to participate in practices and games with my teammates. I love participating and I love competing and that’s what was missing from my life last season. That is what I missed most.”

What Are Your Most Looking Forward To This Season?

“I am looking forward to getting back on the field and practicing with my teammates. Being with my teammates is very important to me and that’s very important to me. This season I will be able to compete with my teammates and that’s a really good feeling.”

What Does The Return of Anquan Boldin and Robert Morgan Mean to This Team?

“Our return, I think, give the team an added boost in morale. It gives the wide receiver position more leadership. We are two of the older players and I think we can teach the younger players and the newer guys a lot in terms of running routes and playing in different games situations. I’m glad that both Robert and I are back this season and happy that we will both be healthy.”

What Are Your Individual Goals For The Season?

“I am looking forward to helping the team in any way I can and in every way I can. The biggest goal for all of us is to win the national championship as a team.”

Why Did You Pick No. 4 As Your Uniform Number?

“There is no really specific reason why I wear number four. When I came in as a freshman, it was the last single number left. I wore number six in high school but Derrick Gibson was wearing that number when I came in, so I took that last remaining number under 10. Having a single number doesn’t mean anything and there is no reason behind number four.”

What Is Your Most Memorable Moment During Your Career So Far?

“The most memorable moment in my Florida State career so far is winning the national championship during my freshman year. All my life, I had worked hard to win a championship and I had come up short a number of times. We finished one game short in high school, so to finally be able to win a championship was a great feeling. To come in and be able to do it my first year was just overwhelming. But, there are more memorable moments to come during my career as a Florida State football player.”

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