May 15, 2019
How to Watch the ACC Network

This season select FSU football games and broadcasts of many other Seminole sports will be available only on the new ACC Network (ACCN), a 24/7 national network dedicated to ACC sports. ACCN is owned and operated by ESPN in partnership with the Atlantic Coast Conference. Fans interested in learning more about ACC Network can visit

The ACC Network has been in development for three years. The Atlantic Coast Conference controls the media rights for its member institutions and has contracted those rights out to ESPN. ESPN and the cable providers negotiate the contracts. Neither ACC member schools nor the ACC are directly involved in the negotiations with individual providers.

Current ACCN national providers include:
Cox Cablevision
fios by Verizon
Google Fiber
Optimum by Altice
Hulu+Live TV
Playstation Vue

If your provider is not one of these, you will NOT be able to watch programming on the ACC Network.

How can I watch if my provider does not carry ACCN?
YouTube TVHulu+TV LiveSling and PlayStation Vue are streaming providers available nationally that will allow you to watch ACCN. Each have slightly different channel lineups and features, so visit their websites and choose the one that fits your viewing preferences. Best of all, each of these is currently offering a a free trial period. Click on their links to sign up. If you want to compare the streaming services, click here. Please note that, after the trial, there is a subscription fee if you continue the service. Fees vary by provider. The free trials are a great way to compare the services.


What is the easiest way to use one of these streaming services?
YouTube TV, Hulu+TV Live, Sling and PlayStation Vue can be viewed using a desktop or laptop computer or mobile device. So if you are willing to watch on one of those, create your account, sign in and start watching. It just takes several minutes. All of these services offer month-by-month agreements. No long-term contracts.

What if I want to watch on my television?
First, follow the steps to pick a streaming service and sign up (even if it is just for a free trial). In addition to watching on your computer, laptop or mobile device, you now have the ability to watch on a television.

How do I use a streaming service on my TV?
If you have a newer model Smart TV, use your remote control to navigate to its home page, look for the “Apps” area and search/download your preferred streaming service to set up your account (including a free trial). Once your account is established, you can start viewing. No external devices are required.

The availability of streaming apps may vary from by television manufacturer. Here’s a helpful link about Smart TVs.

I have an older “Smart TV” and it does not support these streaming apps. What do I do?
If your Smart TV is pre-2016, some apps may not be compatible without the assistance of a wireless streaming device such as RokuFire TV Stick or Google Chromecast. All of these devices are available through large box stores (Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot) or online and start at approximately $30. Plug them into your TV, register your device and then use their menu to add a streaming channel such as YouTubeTV, Hulu+TV Live, Sling or Playstation Vue.

Streaming graphic

Here are videos on how streaming devices work and operate:
Setup & Operation
Fire TV StickSetup / Basic Operation
ChromecastSetup & Operation

What about ESPN3 or the ESPN Watch App? Can I watch the game there?
ACC Network Extra (ACCNX) programming is only available through the ESPN app if you subscribe to a provider who carries the network. The ESPN Watch App is no longer availalbe.

I can’t switch providers because I’m in a long-term contract.
Many providers do not charge an exit fee if you keep part of your existing contract. Since a wireless connection is required for streaming services, check with your provider if you retain your Internet service but want to eliminate other services associated with your contract.

Wait, I have Charter/Spectrum but can’t get the channel.
In areas where TimeWarner cable became Charter/Spectrum, you may need to change/upgrade your account. Check with your provider. In areas outside of the ACC footprint, your Charter/Spectrum provider may not begin listing ACCN as a channel until after Sept. 6. Call your customer service center if you are not sure.

How do I contact my provider to request they carry ACCN?
A list of contact information by provider is listed below:

Carrier Contact Information and Social Links
Comcast  (@ComcastCares)
Click Here to Provide Fan Feedback to Comcast

U-Verse (@Uverse)
Click Here to Provide Fan Feedback to U-Verse


•What is ACC Network Extra?
ACC Network Extra (ACCNX) is the Network’s digital platform. ACCNX has been available on the ESPN App and online with an ESPN subscription for the last three years. Since the network’s launch on Aug. 22, ACCNX has be associated with ACCN. You must have an ACCN subscription to watch ACCNX programming.

• Will ACCN look similar to ESPN channels?
ACCN will have the highest production quality consistent with the standard set by ESPN.

• Will ACCN be 24 hours a day, seven days a week?
ACCN will have 24/7 programming; it’s a dedicated linear and digital platform for all things ACC.

• What kind of shows will I see on the ACCN?
ACCN will offer live ACC sports and related studio programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Approximately 450 live televised events, including 40 regular-season football games, 150 men’s and women’s basketball games, and 200 other regular-season competitions and tournament games from across the conference’s 27 sponsored sports will be televised annually, plus a complement of news and information shows and original programming. Together, ACCN’s TV and digital platforms, ACCNE, will feature more than 1,300 ACC events in its first year.

• How will ACCN enhance the ACC fan experience?
ACCN will bring football, basketball and all ACC sponsored sports to ACC fans. It will provide more in-depth national coverage of all sports that are important to ACC fans, as well as more original content than ever before.  Fans will be able to access content on a range of devices.  Also, there will be programming dedicated to news and analysis surrounding the events.

• How many football games will be aired on ACCN?
ACCN will televise approximately 40 football games per season and multiple spring games.

• How many basketball games? Baseball? Women’s sports?
At least 450 events will be televised on ACCN each year. Of the 450 events, there will be more than 150 men’s and women’s basketball games and 200 other regular-season competitions and tournament games from across the conference’s 27 sponsored sports. ACCNX will include hundreds of live events and will be available to ACCN subscribers across a range of devices. ACCN will also be available via the ESPN App.

• Will each school have a block of time to program as they see fit?
This is a conference-wide network. The goal is to provide exposure for each of the ACC member institutions.ACCN will achieve this goal without each school having its own block of time to program.

• Will ACCN be able to re-air games that were shown on other ESPN networks or Raycom?

• Will ACCN air bowl games? ACC Championships?
There are no current plans to air bowl games on the ACCN. ACCN will provide coverage of the ACC Championships for all sports.

• Will ACCN include new personalities or use existing ESPN personalities for the games and studio shows?
A mix of both existing ESPN personnel and new on-air staff will be present on ACCN. Announcers will be authentic and familiar to ACC fans.

• Will I be able to watch ACCN on my mobile phone or similar device?
Yes. ACCN will be available via the ESPN App on computers, tablets, mobile phones and TV connected devices. You will need to subscribe to a provider who carries ACCN to access content on the ESPN App.

• Can I pay to subscribe to ACCN online, Pay-Per-View or via WatchESPN (formerly ESPN3) if I can’t get it on TV?
No. The games will be exclusive to ACCN and ACCNX.

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