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ACC Tiebreakers Scenarios For Selection Of BCS Representative

Nov. 17, 2004

Talllhassee, Fla. –
To: FSU Beat Media

From: Rob Wilson

Re: ACC Tie-breaker in plan language as it applies to Florida State.

The following is a break-down of the ACC Tie-breaker system in terms of how each of the scenarios effects Florida State’s chances to be the BCS representative should their be a tie at the top with two-loss teams. It should be noted that in the event of a tie, each of the teams will be declared ACC Co-Champions for 2004 and the tie-breaker is used only to determine the conference’s representative for the automatic BCS bowl berth.

3-Way Tie with 6-2 record between Florida State, Miami, and Virginia.

Occurs if Miami wins against Wake Forest and Virginia Tech, and Virginia wins at Georgia Tech and at Virginia Tech.

The three teams would be a evaluated as a three-team mini-conference. Miami would be 2-0 in the mini-conference, FSU would be 1-1 and Virginia 0-2. For FSU to earn the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) spot they would have to be the highest ranked team in the BCS and five spots higher than Miami.

3-Way Tie with 6-2 record between Florida State, Miami and Virginia Tech

Occurs if Miami beats Wake Forest and Virginia Tech, while Virginia Tech beats Maryland and Virginia.

No mini-conference comes into play because Florida State and Virginia Tech did not meet during the regular season. Despite the fact that Miami would have beaten both teams, the ACC’s BCS representative would be the highest-ranked team in the BCS standings, which is currently Florida State.

2-Way Tie with 6-2 record between Florida State and Miami.

Occurs if Miami wins their last two games against Wake Forest and Virginia Tech, plus Virginia loses one of their last two to either Georgia Tech or Virginia Tech, plus Virginia Tech loses at either Maryland or Virginia.

Florida State would be the BCS selection only if there are ranked in the BCS Top 10 and at least five spots ahead of Miami.

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