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After Scary Incident, Shannon Back on the Court

March 6, 2013

By Layne Herdt (

While the outcome was not what the Seminoles wanted the first time they played Virginia, only one memory stands out from that game.

Announcer “Shannon goes down.”

“It just happened so fast,” forward Terrance Shannon said. “I just remember grabbing the ball and the guy from behind hit me pushing my neck into the defender and I just fell. Next thing you know I was in the emergency room.”

“I was shocked,” guard Ian Miller said. “I’m used to seeing big strong Terrance who can’t get hurt so seeing something like that is shocking. It scares you for a little while.”

Terrance Shannon’s neck injury scared everyone, but despite whispers of never playing again, Shannon was confident he would be back sooner than later.

“Me personally I was confident,” Shannon said. “Shortly after the injury I didn’t feel any signs I just had to wait for precautionary reasons. I couldn’t work out, couldn’t lift, I couldn’t do anything so that kind of set me back a bit, but I knew I was going to come back.”

And he was back as Shannon took the floor against North Carolina this past Sunday.

It’s really nice to be back taking into consideration that there was a possibility that I wouldn’t be able to come back at all so that’s a blessing,” Shannon said.

“It’s fun and a blessing to see him back out there playing,” Miller said. “You know it can be taken away from you at any time so we’re just happy to have him back.”

Of course Shannon has a ways to go before he can get back to the level where he can help the team.

“A lot just depends on how he adjusts and how he feels and how he responds to treatment and his conditioning level, whether or not from a competitive stand point he’s going to be able to go out and produce, ” head coach Leonard Hamilton said.

But just being able to enter the game is a far cry from when he was carried off on a stretcher, and that’s enough of a reason for Shannon and his teammates to be excited.

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