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Getting To Know: Sabrina Stutsman

There are several new members of the Florida State softball family for the 2015-16 season. Over the course of the remaining months leading up to Opening Day, we will be doing a “Getting To Know” series to introduce the new freshmen and transfer students to Seminole fans. Today, we will be talking with Sabrina Stutsman, a freshman outfielder from Windermere, Fla.

Stutsman attended West Orange High School and broke the school’s home run record with nine round-trippers in 2013 as a sophomore on her way to earning second team All-State honors. As a junior in 2014, she batted .419 (31-for-74) with nine doubles, six home runs, 36 RBI and an on-base percentage of .495 for the Warriors. During her senior season, he hit .415 and finished second on the team with 26 runs scored as the Warriors reached the regional finals of the FHSAA 8A tournament.

She also participated with the Windermere Wildfire 96 and was coached by her father Steve Stutsman, who was a tight end at Baylor from 1987-91. In 2011, the Wildfire were ASA Southern national champions of the 14U division and placed 33rd at the 16U ASA national tournament in both 2012 and 2013. In 2015, the Wildfire earned the ASA 18U National Championship

What has your freshman year been like so far?
It’s been awesome, it’s been fun. I came in during the summer, so I was able to get acclimated faster than some of the other girls. There were six of us that started early and that helped me a lot. I think I would have been overwhelmed without it. It’s been really fun going through everything together, from the conditioning and workouts to classes. With nine freshmen, we’ve all been in it together.

What has been one of the most difficult challenges of transitioning to college?
I think the schoolwork and time management has been it for me. Even with taking summer school, it was really hard in the fall. The studying and making sure to put all of the time in for everything has been the hardest part. It got easier as the semester went on, but at first, it was a lot.

What would you like to do for a career after college?
I’ve changed my mind a couple of times already. I wanted to do PA school, but I didn’t really want to take all of those chemistry classes. I’d like to still pursue nursing, especially in the NICU with babies. I really have a strong passion for that.

What is the most unusual thing you have ever eaten?
Not a real live pig, but it was at an event where they had the entire cooked pig on a stick and they would just cut off the parts and serve everyone. I know it is the same stuff I’ve had before, but it was just weird to see it have something in its mouth and everything. So nothing too crazy, because I don’t like trying a lot of different foods.

What is something you cannot live without?
I know this is bad, but it is my phone. I just like to know what is going on and keeping up with everyone. It’s also a helpful tool for other things.

What made you choose Florida State?
In seventh grade, our coaches told us to write down a list of 10 schools we’d like to go to, and I put Florida State, along with some other big schools, and they said, “All right, let’s try to be more realistic…” They told me to put some D2 and JUCO schools on there so that I wouldn’t get my hopes up. When I came here on a clinic, it literally clicked with the coaches and the girls. I could really see myself here. At every other school I went to, I was “nope, nope,” and it was always Florida State. People would tell me to keep my options open if it doesn’t happen, but it just stood out to me and I knew. Everything about this place, the environment and the coaches made it an easy choice.

What is your favorite memory of playing softball?
I have a lot, but my most recent was winning the 18U ASA Nationals with my travel team, the Windermere Wildfire. It was our last tournament ever, so I’ll never play with them again. We had always placed 33rd, and we really wanted to play well before we all went off to college. In the finals, we had to beat the team twice and we had already played probably four games that day. In the last game, it was 0-0 all the way until the end and we scored to take the lead and our defense held them. I’ll never forget that final out, that was my favorite memory because we dogpiled and it was super fun.

What are things you like to do to relax when you are outside sports or school?
I don’t really relax much, I’m always doing something. I like practicing honestly, I like coming out here. I like running, I make myself run. I also like going to the beach or to the lake. I also like to go shopping. We also do a lot of bonfires.

What is something about you that would surprise people?
I can speak Spanish. Not many people think I can speak Spanish because I don’t even have an accent and don’t look Spanish, so I think that surprises people. I also love to act, dance and sing.

What is one thing you really like about yourself?
I feel like I can talk to anyone about anything. I can connect with someone and talk to them and help them out. I’m very accepting and not judgmental and I like that. A lot of people need someone to talk to and I like to make it so that they can talk to me.

If you could have an unlimited supply of one thing, what would it be?
Pizza. Papa John’s pizza though. I don’t know, no other pizza compares to it. I’ve had some others since coming to Tallahassee, but none of them are as good. I’d have unlimited Papa John’s with some ranch.

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