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All-American Kelly Rowland Answers Your Questions Tuesday At 12:00
 Junior All-American Kelly Rowland will answer your questions Tuesday at noon.

Chat Live With Kelly Rowland

The 2005 soccer season gets underway in just a few weeks. There is a new coach and lots of new faces. One familiar face is junior All-American Kelly Rowland and she will be here to answer your questions about the 2005 team Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. You can submit your questions now or log on Tuesday for the live chat.

Chat # Date Chat Hosts
Chat 2 August 16th at 12:00PM Kelly Rowland

Submit Your Questions Below and Go ‘Noles!

Moderator: We want to thank everybody for logging on and submitting their questions for Kelly. She will be here in 15 minutes to start answering your questions.
Kelly Rowland: Hey everybody. Thanks for stopping by to chat. Lets get started so send me those questions!

Amanda (Jacksonville): Thanks for doing this Kelly. I have 2 questions for you. We lost some of our more highly touted forwards from last year, from what you’ve seen so far how do you think newcomers like Mami and Sel along with our returning players can help fill that void and return some firepower to our offense? Secondly, do you see many changes for your own role on the team, both defensively and offensively (in terms of set pieces and such)? Good luck this upcoming year.
Kelly Rowland: First, I think the offense is going to be different but Sel and Mami are playing well. Sel did well yesterday and I expect them both to contribute along with the players we have back.

Second, I think my role will be similar this year. My role as a leader will be different though. Hopefully I can help us be successful as we have been in the last five years.

Don Ferreri (Coral Springs, FL): What is it like to pal around with # 8 Allison Ferreri??
Kelly Rowland: Alli is one of my good friends here and I enjoy hanging with her on and off the field. I like her new puppy too!

Jules (Berkeley): Now that you are a junior and an upperclassman, how do you feel about having only two years left? How have (if they have) your priorities changed in terms of the team, on the field and off the field? Also, do you like meatball sandwiches from Firehouse? How are they tasting nowadays?
Kelly Rowland: Hey Jules! As you know time has passed quickly. It seemed like we were just freshmen hanging out in the dorms. Listening to you and Toby sing in your room. It makes you want to maximize your last two years since that is all you have left.

My priorities have changed. It is different with so many new faces so I have taken on more of a role in helping with team chemistry.

The meatball sandwiches are better than ever. Take care Julia!

Dutch (Tallahassee): Kelly,
How does the new coaching staff differ from Coach Baker?
Kelly Rowland: It is very different this year. Mark and his staff which is HUGE are great. With Mark’s experience in the WUSA he brings more of a professional coaches mentality. Their styles are different and we are all adjusting to his coaching methods. We are having fun learning though.

Ronnie Acres (Junction City, OK): I see you have a bunch of new girls on the team from all around the world. Is it hard to communicate with all these new players?
Kelly Rowland: It is a challenge but I think it is really fun. The new girls are so different from what we are used to so it is refreshing. We are learning so much about other cultures and it is fun to see their culture mesh with ours.

Enchen (Crawfordville): What is the biggest obstacle when a new coaching staff comes in? Did you ever want to transfer?

Enchen (Crawfordville): What is the biggest obstacle when a new coaching staff comes in? Did you ever want to transfer?
Kelly Rowland: My first instinct was to look at my options because I had no idea what my future held. When we found out Mark was coming I was very happy and relieved. I then got excited about my future at FSU.

whitney—-pa: can you play in college and get id if you only made regional pool
Kelly Rowland: Definitley! I played for Eastern PA ODP and I only made regional poll. I never made it on to the regional or national team. Make contact with the school’s you are most interested in. Don’t ever give up if you want to play in college one day!

Campo (Rockledge): Kelly-

Do you ever feel sorry for your opponents? Do you ever get the urge to help them up after a hard tackle? Lastly, what will the Eagles do without T.O.?

Kelly Rowland: Hey Campo! On the field I don’t have any sympathy for my opponents. I take the game seriously but once it is over its all good. As far as the Eagles, they will be just fine. I expect another Super Bowl run.

Janett (Potsdam/Germany): Hello, how are you getting along with your new international teammates? Pass along our best wishes to our friends from Europe!
Kelly Rowland: We are learning more about each other everyday. We are bonding and becoming friends. Our team chemistry is starting to build.

Jennifer (Miami): Kelly,
What has your experience been like playing soccer at Florida State?
Kelly Rowland: It has been awesome. I love being a Seminole and everything FSU represents on and off the field.

Kiki (O-town): Who do you think is a better Grad Assistant, Bonaffino or Boyce?
Kelly Rowland: Its a tie they are both great! Hows that for political correctness!

Jaclyn’s Dad New York: Kelly,
Jaclyn,Taryn and the rest of the MUrphy’s are watching and wishing you and the teammates good luck this season, win the championship. What would be a good game to come and meet and see the Noles? HAve a great season and give a high five to all your teammates from up north!!!
The Murphy’s
Kelly Rowland: Hello Murphys! I would think the weekend of September 22 when we host UNC and NC State or any of the home games in October. I will be in touch and keep you informed. Hope everything is going good and Jaclyn is doing well!

Kevin (Pensacola, FL): Who do you see being the impact players up top this year given the early departures of Leah Gallegos and Julia Schnugg?
Kelly Rowland: I think Sel is going to have an impact. Mami is obviously playing well also but it is a little early to tell. I do see a lot of potential up front.

Lars (Oslo,Norway): Hey!
Which new player do you think will have the biggest impact on this years team?

What can you work on to take your game to an even higher level?

Good luck in the season! 😉

Kelly Rowland: Hey buddy! I think stepping in as a leader with so few upperclassmen is really important. I also need to keep the defense organized and share my experiences with the younger players. That will help us be successful.

Cranky, Tallahassee: I have heard the women’s soccer team has a heated rivalry with the men’s swim team. Can you discuss why you havent been able to transfer your all-american skills to this type of game.
Kelly Rowland: Hey Mark. We do have a heated rivalry although they don’t give us much of a game in the spring. Keep practicing and maybe next year it will be more competitive on the swimmer’s part.

Bobby Joe: I was just wondering how much you miss playing with the old back four?

Kelly Rowland: Well, it is different this year. Katie Beal and Marion Cagle were amazing players. With my experience in the back hopefully I can help the younger players like they helped me. I miss them both on and off the field.

Mark Nash – Tampa, FL: How has the coaching change motivated you, personally, and then taking a look a the “big picture” – motivated this team as a whole?
Kelly Rowland: The team is responding to the new staff. Both Mick and Erica are competitive in a friendly way and that creates a fun environment in preseason.

q, media, pa: Hey, Kell, did you work this summer, did you play soccer
Kelly Rowland: I worked at a restaurant in Media and I took a class. I worked out everyday and played with the Philadelphia Pirates of the W-League in hopes of preparing for 2005.

jaclyn New York: Hi Kelly,
Its me jaclyn, i am so excited about this seaon. It is 2 cool seeing you chat. WHo is your favoriyte team to play?
Kelly Rowland: Hi Jaclyn. I hope your feeling well. My favorite team to play would be either Florida or North Carolina. The rivalry with FLorida is great and UNC is traditionally the best team in college soccer. Those are two of the best games each season. I look forward to speaking to you soon and don’t hesitate to call.

JIM (Wallingford): How is the team chemistry with all the new people?
Kelly Rowland: The chemistry is good. We did a lot of things in the preseason to work on chemistry. You can see it building and I see it growing in the future.

Sam, York England: What is the highest quality tryout you have had the pleasure of evaluating at?
Kelly Rowland: The U-9 and U-12 Nether boys and girls team. Definitley!

Joe, Media, PA: What was the most popular wrap at Quotations this summer?
Kelly Rowland: I like all the food there. That was for Mr. Burke

Bruce (Fort Lauderdale): How is the new coaching staff preparing you for the tough ACC competition? Are they taking a different approach to mental preparation? If so, how?
Kelly Rowland: The new staff has put us through some tough practices and we will be playing Tennessee this Friday. That will be a good test. Mentally we are working with a team psychologist to get in the right mind set. You can see the attitude getting better and becoming more focused toward the upcoming season not just the ACC squads but every team on the schedule.

Ken Shadrick ( Phila): Who do you love more, your dad or your mom. ( Keep in mind one of them is standing next to me )
Kelly Rowland: I love Tyson more, LOL.
Moderator: We have time for one more question.

FSU_Fan (Philadelphia): Kelly there seems to be a growing amount of people with Philly connections on the soccer team and staff. Is it starting to feel like home in Tallahassee?
Kelly Rowland: It id getting close to home. There is more of a northeastern atmosphere and it is refreshing. We are still in Florida so there is a southern feel but it is nice to have a few Pennsylvanians around.
Kelly Rowland: Thanks to everyone who posted questions. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I look forward to the 2005 season and I hope you are all excited about it too. Come watch us play! Bye everyone!

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