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Allen Augustin – Perseverance and Persistence

Oct. 12, 2003

By Tony Suarez, FSU Sports Information

“I’m not the prototypical linebacker. I don’t run a 4.4 (40-yard dash) like most of these linebackers out here are running. I’m not 230 pounds.”

This is how Allen Augustin describes himself. He may not be prototypical, but for the Seminoles’ starting middle linebacker, who started his career as a walk-on and is currently in pursuit of a master’s degree, it wouldn’t be any other way.

Augustin graduated from Miami Senior High School in 1999 where he played defensive end and earned defensive Most Valuable Player honors on his team. Although he was not offered an athletic scholarship out of high school, Augustin enrolled at Florida State and attempted to earn a spot on the football roster. As he recalled, it was not an easy road.

“There were plenty of times when things weren’t going my way and there were times when I didn’t think I was good enough to be out here with all these All-Americans and prep stars,” Augustin said. “I didn’t get all those honors and accolades, but I just stuck to it and I gave it my all every time I came out.”

Augustin earned a coveted spot on the team that fall, and after a freshman campaign of playing special teams, he worked his way into the linebacker mix and finally gained a much-deserved starting role during his junior year. The goal-oriented Augustin is no longer concerned with personal goals though. He is focused completely on the team.

“I want to win a national championship, and at the end of this, I want to be a part of the best defense in the nation,” he said.

With a 5-0 record and a defense that is allowing opponents just 00 points per game, Augustin’s hopes for this year’s team are on the right track. Today’s match-up against Miami is Augustin’s fourth encounter with the Hurricanes, and it sizes up to be the toughest battle to date. The rivalry between the two programs is about as big as it gets and for Augustin, a Miami native, it’s even more special.

“The Miami game is always a special one for me because there are always a couple of guys I played with or against,” Augustin said. “I always get an extra high for some reason, and they’re also the best team on our schedule right now. So it’s just a natural, extra high when you get out there.”

On and off the field, Augustin is a leader. Although he says he leads not by voice but by example, it is difficult not to respect and admire him for all of his accomplishments. Agustin graduated early with a degree in creative writing in December of 2002. Because he still had a year of football eligibility left, he enrolled in graduate school at Florida State and is on schedule to graduate with a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing and Management Communication this December. When asked what he planned on doing upon graduation, Augustin said, “I’m going to throw myself a party. I don’t care if anybody goes, but I’m going to be there.”

Described as being modest and humble, Augustin has learned a lot during his years at Florida State. But most importantly, he learned a lesson about perseverance and, as the sign posted high atop the practice fields on the tower reads, “persistence.”

“If you really want something bad enough and you work hard and keep at it, you can accomplish it, ” he said. “Don’t be phony with yourself. Work as hard as you can. There were so many times when I’d think, ‘Man, I’m not getting any better. I’m wasting my time out here.’ But I kept at it, I kept going, and my number was called one day. Thank God I was ready.”

Augustin was introduced to football at the age of five by his cousin, and he hasn’t looked back since. He dabbled in other sports for a while, competing in wrestling in high school his sophomore year and playing a little basketball, but football was always his favorite. While playing basketball, Augustin would never want the ball; he just wanted to play defense. It seems he already knew what path he was taking.

When Augustin’s playing days are over, he says he would like to make use of his creative writing degree.

“Hopefully when I have extra time on my hands or get disciplined enough, I’ll sit down every day and write,” he said. “I want to write something that someday people can read or watch and really enjoy.”

For now, the story Allen Augustin is writing is on the Florida State football field and it is one that all FSU fans certainly can enjoy.

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