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April Murphy Living A Dream With FSU Soccer

Aug. 28, 2000

April Murphy came to Florida State to gain new experiences, meet a diverse group of people and win soccer games, now the senior from Tulsa, Okla. is starting to see all three of her college goals come true.

“I love Florida State,” said Murphy. “I have had so much fun here. Most of my friends went to Oklahoma or Oklahoma State and they still hang around the same people and talk about the same things. FSU has given me the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds.”

Murphy’s experience at FSU has enabled her to meet the diverse group of people she envisioned when she decided to leave Oklahoma for Tallahassee. She has friends who are going to Sydney to participate in the Olympics and teammates from Norway and Sweden. Murphy now wants her chance to travel and experience some of the places her friends have told her about.

“Tallahassee is a great college town but I would like to venture out and break away,” said Murphy. “I want to see other places and live in other states, maybe somewhere that has a fall season. I would like to go and visit museums and experience other cities.”

What’s next for April?

Murphy has 30 hours left until she graduates this spring and she is currently pursuing an English degree with an emphasis in creative writing.

“I definitely want to write but I know that it is very hard to make a career out of writing,” Murphy said. “It is really important to have a back-up plan. I would like to get my Doctorate in creative writing from FSU.”

Planning for graduate school next fall is a tough task for this student-athlete who’s time is limited, especially during the season but with January deadlines for admission approaching, Murphy knows she has to make the time.

“I have 30 hours left until I graduate and I want to start to apply to graduate schools,” Murphy commented. “It’s really hard to find the time to study, take 15 hours of classes, play and practice, write and then prepare for the GRE.”

Murphy also wants soccer to be a part of her life after her college-playing career is finished. She hopes she can get involved in coaching and hasn’t ruled out hopes of a career in professional soccer if the opportunity and league are in place.

Family and home

Being so far from home is a problem for Murphy who has a close relationship with her parents and brother. The trip home for Christmas and the parts of the summer she spends in Tulsa are sometimes the only chances she gets to see her family.

“If I wasn’t playing soccer, I probably wouldn’t have come this far from home,” said Murphy. “When you travel and work together with a group of girls, it helps you not feel so homesick, especially during the season.”
This season will be a little different since FSU will travel to Missouri and the Murphy family will make the trip and get to spend some time with their daughter. Murphy’s parents are also planning a trip to Tallahassee for the Texas A&M/Clemson home games.

“We get to play in Missouri and that isn’t too far from my home,” said a smiling Murphy. “I am really excited because my parents will be there. It’s tough sometimes because I am really close with my family and I miss them a lot.”

My own worst critic

The people who usually experience the most success are those who always believe that they can push themselves harder, do something better or perform at a higher level. This is true for Murphy but her self-criticism is something that makes her better but also can hurt her on the field.

“I am very hard on myself,” said Murphy. “In the past, I have gotten so mad at myself that I get out of the game. I am definitely my own worst critic. I have learned that you have to brush it off to stay in the game mentally but I still have some work to do on that.”

Although she knows the importance of continually trying to improve her game, Murphy does allow herself a moment every now and again to gain a sense of satisfaction at her accomplishments.

The Goal and The Game

The 2000 season is something every senior hopes will be special. For the seniors on the 2000 squad, their dreams have already started to materialize after just two games. Murphy’s game-winning goal against Florida was the perfect ending to a dream come true for a group of seniors who had lost to their rivals three straight years.

“That goal and win versus Florida is my favorite moment of all-time,” remarked a beaming Murphy. “There is no greater feeling than that night. It’s a story for the grandkids. ”

But despite scoring the game-winner with less than two minutes left on the clock, Murphy was typically humble and eager to give others the credit.

“Against Florida, my goal was the game-winning goal but I don’t believe it was the most important goal of the game,” she said. “I think Heather Dyche’s goal, which came right after Florida took a 1-0 lead, was more important because it picked us up. I think the same goes for Maren’s goal which evened the game at 2-2.”

The win over Florida fulfilled a dream every Seminole soccer player has but it also served as a confirmation that three years of hard work are paying off.

“When you are constantly running and training it can get a little frustrating,” explained Murphy. “You sometimes wonder how you have done it for three years and how you are going to keep it up. Then when you beat Florida or score the perfect goal it makes it all worthwhile.”

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