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At the Breakfast Table With the Noles

Each day at breakfast, seniors Katie Mosher and Sarah Wickstrom will share a little something about their travels to the Sweet 16 in Seattle. 



Friday we finally got to have practice out on the court where we will be playing and that’s when you know it’s all starting to come together. We had a great, intense practice – it was very productive and we feel good about the match.

One of our favorite things about this practice was the staff match at the end. For the last 12 minutes we divided up the traveling staff and they played against each other.  We were the captains and we picked the two teams. It was so fun to see, aside from the managers, people don’t realize that we have some athletic people on our staff and it’s always fun to see them battle it out.

We cheered so hard, going crazy when someone got a dig or a kill and Karlie (Hauer) was the referee and the Dadowski’s were the line judges.  We all took a ton of videos and pictures for the match.


Somehow, the match ended in a tie. I think Coach Mac put a cheesecake on the line, but it was still pretty intense. The staff match started back in 2011, so we’ve kept that tradition going and it keeps getting better and better each year. This year was pretty epic.

After practice we came back and relaxed and walked around Seattle a little more. Some of us went shopping. It’s tough to resist when there are shops all around us that we don’t have back in Tallahassee.

We had an early dinner then most we met up with our families for some down time. We had another session of film so after we spent a few hours with our families.  

We are so thankful to have parents that have been there at every match this season supporting us and this weekend, I we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now, we’re sitting a breakfast getting ready to go for serve and pass before our match against BYU.

We hope you tune in tonight to ESPN3 at 7 p.m. to watch and cheer for us. Go Noles!





We left Tuesday for Seattle and the trip was really long, but it was pretty cool to see the staff and fans come and support us to see us off.  We have been so thankful to have all of the support of the Seminole Family during our careers.

Our flight was so long on Tuesday, we had to connect in Miami, so we probably didn’t make it to the hotel until about midnight (pacific time).  Both of us were lucky enough to be done with finals, so we didn’t have to stress about studying.


Everywhere we go, people are always interested in what sport we play and they show their support, which is neat.  Most of us were placed in middles seats, so some of us made friends with other passengers. Sarah, made friends with an older gentleman named Robert.

On Wednesday morning we got up and had breakfast and really, where we are staying is fantastic. It’s the nicest hotel we’ve stayed in all year. The staff is so friendly, it’s centrally locate and the bathrooms are awesome, I mean, there is a jacuzzi tub in each room, I mean, who doesn’t love a nice jacuzzi?

We took time before practice to go exploring and we took a trip to the Space Needle and the Glass Garden. We both had never been to Seattle before so it was so interesting to see what this city has to offer and when we were up on the Space Needle you could see absolutely everything! It was pretty cool experiencing that, since it’s such a historical landmark.

The Glass Garden may have been a little cooler than the Space Needle, but both sites were amazing to see and we had a great time exploring that part of the city.

After lunch we went to practice in one of the practice gyms at the Alaska Airlines Arena and it was intense. It was probably our last hard practice before Friday’s match, but we worked a lot of specific things in order to get us ready for BYU.

Straight from practice we went to dinner. We are mostly adjusted to the time, but we’re still getting there, but we had a good seafood dinner at a restaurant on Pike’s Place. Unfortunately, by the time we got there it was closed and all of the fish and things to see were put away, but dinner was still pretty awesome.


Then, something magical happened. Coach Poole gave us candy!

The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory was around the corner from dinner and he was kind enough to give us a treat. It was a very small sample size piece but the gesture itself meant a lot since it’s only happened like three times since we’ve been here.


We pretty much relaxed after dinner and tried to get better accustomed to the time change.  

Today we’ve got a pretty light schedule, breakfast, film and practice. Other girls have tests and have to study for finals but we plan on heading out to go exploring around the city. Our hotel is centrally located and there are tons of shops and other stores and of course there is Starbucks all over the place.  

Until tomorrow, enjoy your day Seminole Nation!

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