Athletics Board

FSU Athletics Board

While primary responsibility and control of the intercollegiate athletics program rests with the President of the University, the Florida State University Athletics Board is responsible for providing periodic evaluation and oversight of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, including

  • Establishing policy goals and standards for intercollegiate athletics;
  • Monitoring the execution of intercollegiate athletic policies;
  • Promoting fiscal integrity in intercollegiate athletics;
  • Reviewing and recommending the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics annual operating budget to the President of the University; and
  • Insuring that the athletics program is operated in a manner consistent with the overall policies and operating procedures of the Atlantic Coast Conference, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the Florida State University, and the State of Florida.


The University President appoints members of the Board.  The Faculty Athletic Representative chairs the Athletics Board, which must have a majority of FSU faculty and administrators among those authorized to vote.

Three committees undertake much of the work of the Athletics Board.  Use the links provided on this page to learn more about these committees.

The Executive Committee of the Athletics Board calls meetings of the Board, establishes the agenda for meetings of the Board, and reviews the reports of the committees.