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Atlantic Coast Conference 1997-98 Academic Honor Roll

Atlantic Coast Conference 1997-98 Academic Honor Roll

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August 26, 1998

GREENSBORO, NC — The 42nd annual Atlantic Coast Conference Academic Honor Roll, noting academic excellence by student-athletes for the 1997-98 school year, contains a record 1,522 performers, Commissioner John Swofford has announced.

The Honor Roll comprises those student-athletes who participated in a varsity-level sport and registered a grade point average of 3.0 or better for the full academic year. Duke led the leadure in total selections for the 11th straight year placing 294 on the list, while North Carolina was second with 271. Virginia was third with 240, followed by Maryland (149), NC State (144), Florida State (138), Clemson (117), Wake Forest (105) and Georgia Tech (94).

A complete listing of Florida State Honor Roll members follows:

Kristen Adans        Swimming
Lindsay Adkins Track
Rachel Amman Swimming
Jonas Amoss Cross Country
Kia Asberg Tennis
Bruno Avila Track
Brooks Badeaux Baseball
Nathan Bertsch Golf
Melanie Black Track
Fiona Bolten Volleyball
Amy Bond Golf
Kathleen Bowen Cross Country
Ty Braswell Tennis
Patrick Brett Track
Kingsley Broughton Cross Country
Brent Burkman Swimming
Cynthia Campbell Cross Country
Matthew Cangiolosi Cross Country
Shelby Cannon Track
Sarah Capie Golf
Natalie Carratala Tennis
Tonya Carter Track
Christy Cerecedes Softball
Taryn Cervi Soccer
Corey Cherr Cross Country
Jeremy Cranford Golf
Todd Crannell Track
Christine Daniels Track
Arleshia Davidson Basketball
Cahterine Decker Swimming
Kerwin Deese Swimming
Matt Diaz Baseball
Zach Diaz Baseball
Stephanie Dietrich Soccer
Jessica Driscoll Soccer
Barry Dyche Golf
Jennifer Engelbrecht Swimming
Jennifer Erd Cross Country
Lee Fictum Cross Country
Kevin Flanagan Swimming
Danielle Foard Soccer
Sherri Fowler Swimming
Cory Frank Cross Country
Vanessa Fuchs Basketball
Mary Gaskins Cross Country
Christopher Ginn Baseball
Dana Glover Track
Ashley Halter Soccer
Wendy Hampton Basketball
Sasha Hanna Tennis
Diana Hartnup Cross Country
Terrence Henderson Baseball
Spenser Hires Track
Kelly Hoffmeyer Golf
Erika Iding Golf
Michael Ingham Tennis
Clay Ingram Football
Blair Jarrard Golf
Polly Jaskowski Swimming
Susan Johnson Volleyball
Jayson Jones Track
Helena Karlsson Tennis
Christa King Track
Laura Kowalski Golf
Kenyun Langston Track
Janine Lavoie Soccer
Joseph Lawrence Track
Jason Lopez Golf
Katie Lunn Soccer
Michael Maier Cross Country
Cindy Marion Swimming
Jennifer Mayhue Track
Jessie McGregor Softball
Latrice McLin Basketball
Kristina McRoberts Swimming
Matthew McVittie Swimming
Kery Miano Track
Chad Mooney Tennis
Kim Mueller Cross Country
Kyle Mulligan Basketball
April Murphy Soccer
Yvo Niks Tennis
David Ogletree Cross Country
Christopher Osbourne Track
Marcus Outzen Football
Ryan Owaski Track
Stephen Parry Swimming
Rakina Payne Track
Shannon Pearce Cross Country
Brett Peterson Swimming
Latoya Washington Volleyball
Chrales Prouix Track
Tennelle Ramer Swimming
Grainne Redmond Track
Sarah Rickertson Volleyball
Jennifer Robinson Basketball
Rikke Ronholt Track
Kevin Rowley Swimming
Marya Sabesky Swimming
Holly Schneider Volleyball
Sarah Scobey Swimming
Nicole Sedgwick Soccer
Sarah Shelgren Soccer
Jacob Short Cross Country
Jonathan Shy Track
Oliver Simmons Basketball
Corey Simon Football
Holly Skinner Cross Country
Michael Smalley Baseball
Danielle Stafford Swimming
Michaela Steele Track
Xuan Stevens Track
Kylie Thompson Tennis
Aisha Thornton Volleyball
Maria Toole Swimming
Christy Travis Tennis
Jonathan Travis Tennis
Matthew Umholtz Cross Country
Stacy Venable Softball
Nadira Vlaun Cross Country
Janna Walkup Soccer
Rebecca Wallace Softball
Rachael Watkin Soccer
Leslie Waugh Basketball
Alison Weber Tennis
Christopher Weinke Football
Timothy Welsch Swimming
Sara White Track
Corrie Williams Softball
Tiffany Williamson Cross Country
Kelley Winship Golf
Mattson Woodward Baseball
Kathleen Wright Swimming
Louise Wright Golf
Brooke Wyckoff Basketball
Vincent Zingaro Cross Country
Kevin Zuelch Golf
Kensy Zulueta Volleyball

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