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Auburn-Cal Postgame Quotes

Nov. 10, 2006

California Head Coach Kevin Boyd

We were expecting this to be a good game, it was every bit of the battle that I thought it would be. I thought we did a good job going to goal. Obviously Nicole Jarbo did a great job shutting down that PK and taking that one away from them.

On looking ahead to Florida State

We’re going to start talking about Florida State tomorrow, obviously we got a scout on them today. I’ve seen them on TV, but we have a few ideas…I’m not going to give it away.

On coming to the East

We’re just happy to be out of the west, it seems like we’re always in the Bay Area battling it out with teams we see every season over and over. I was happy to be out of the Bay Area, after that I didn’t care about where we went. I thought it was a little ironic that we’re back here again, and it gives us a chance to have last years game over again.

Senior Forward Julia Schnugg

I’m actually pretty surprised to be back, but I’m happy to be back. We really took care of it. On our mind all week was to take care of Auburn. Sunday will come if we get the chance. And since we do get the chance, I’m really excited. It was a lot of fun, we played well.

On having a multi-goal game

It is my first multi-goal game. I’m happy it came in the playoffs, I’m really happy it came at Florida State. My goals wouldn’t have come through if it wouldn’t have been for my teammates work, so they did a great job in getting me in and they did a great job to get that ball in. I couldn’t have done it without my teammates.

On returning to Florida State

It is nice to get back here to familiar turf, we played here last year, we know what it’s all about. I think this year we know what our focus is, not that we didn’t know what it was last year, but we have a second chance, and we know what we want to do, and we know how to do it. We’re all just really excited to get another chance. Even if we’re playing Florida State, we’re just excited to get into the tournament, and we are playing good soccer, and we want to show the other coast something we weren’t able to show earlier in the year.

Redshirt Sophomore Goalkeeper Nicole Jarbo

On getting her first major minutes of the season

I was nervous, but I didn’t have time to be nervous. I was more excited to get out there and get my first major minutes. What else could I ask for? It was so fun, and we looked great. I’m so happy and so excited with the result

Auburn Head Coach Karen Hoppa

Obviously Cal was a very class team. There’s a reason they were in the sweet 16 last year. They are extremely talented and really I think the difference in the game was their experience and our lack thereof at this level in the NCAA’s. We had our five seniors that have played a game in the NCAA tournament, and that was it. You could see the jitters in our younger players. Overall Cal played a terrific game, and we are proud of the way our girls played. I was very proud of the way we played them tough to the very last minute. We had them under pressure and nervous even though they had a two-goal lead late. Our girls played really well, the rebound season that we made from last year to this year was tremendous and this team can be very pleased with our season and our wins and the number of quality wins we had this season.

On the penalty kick

You have to give the keeper credit, Jenny hit the PK really well, and the keeper made an unbelievable athletic save and that was just how the game went. We had our chances, and they were able to deflect everything we threw at them. The PK showed how the game went for them.

Senior Defender Rhonda Brooks

We came in knowing that Cal was going to be a good team. Coach said that we had a lot of youngsters and we had to calm them down before the game. We went out there and we did what we could do, we worked hard, and I’m proud of the team, and proud of everybody.

Senior Midfielder Jac Schwarz

Like we said, the first half we were just nervous and not as composed as Cal was. We had to put away our chances, and it was just unlucky, we would go upper 90, and someone would head it out. We’d kick it on the ground in the corner and they were right there to force a corner kick. It was just unlucky. We tried our hardest and that was all we could really do.

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