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Beach Has Seven Pairs Participate in USAV Collegiate Beach Championships

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – 14 members of the Florida State beach volleyball team head out to Hermosa Beach, Calif. this week to compete in the USAV Collegiate Beach Championships. The teams that medal will be invited to train with the USAV Collegiate Beach National Team.

The main draw is made up of 32 pairs. 24 of them automatically qualified for the main draw while those in qualifying will battle to get the final eight spots.

Florida State has four pairs in qualifying, including Macy Jerger and Kate Privett who went 2-1 during the NCAA Championships last weekend and are 18-2 together this season. Joining them are Payton Caffrey/Morgan Chacon, Lexi McKeown/Ashley Robert and Kiora Sanchez/Jenna Johnson.

They will all begin play in qualifying on May 8th trying to become one of eight pairs to advance to the main draw on May 9th. Those who qualify will join the Seminoles top three pairs from the end of 2019. Madison Fitzpatrick and Alaina Chacon earned the No. 3 seed, while Sara Putt and Payton Rund earned the No. 7 seed. Brooke Kuhlman and Avery Poppinga round out the Noles in the main draw as the No. 22 seed.

Florida State is represented on the men’s side as well with volunteer assistant coach Jonathan Justice. Justice is the two seed with partner Bryce Estes of Nicholls State. Justice won the Collegiate Beach Championships last year with partner Adam Wienckowsi (FAU) who is teaming up with Tim Brewster (UCLA)

The women’s final will be broadcast on NBC Sports Network. The men’s final and preliminary rounds will be live streamed at

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Women’s Seeds and Teams

Main Draw
1. Coppola/Nuss – LSU
2. Bauer/Kraft – Pepperdine University
3. Fitzpatrick/A. Chacon – FSU
4. Jones/Gordon – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
5. Slater/Hallgren – University of Southern California
6. Kruidhof/Molina – LBSU
7. Rund/Putt – FSU
8. Rachel/Rhodes – College of Charleston
9. Keene/Buckland – University of Alabama – Birmingham
10. Wenz/Okaro – ASU
11. Lundberg/Carballo – ASU
12. Calvin/Knudsen – Saint Mary’s College
13. Julye/Gengenbacher – University of Washington
14. Burling/Baham – University of Arizona
15. Doud/Slattery – LMU
16. Winkle/Sparks – UCLA
17. Hawes/Delmonte – Georgia State University
18. Rodriguez/Rasnick-Pope – LSU
19. Baumann/Stansfield – Grand Canyon University
20. Ekstrom/Ashkinos – Stanford
21. Reinking/Stevens – LBSU
22. Kuhlman/Poppinga – FSU
23. Hill/White – TCU
24. Manusky/Freed – College of Charleston


25. DeFalco/Raudsepp – GCU
26. Towne/Hess – Grand Canyon University
27. Powers/Agnew – LSU
28. Privett/Jerger – FSU
29. Dennis/Kaiser – University of Southern California
30. Beyer/Ligon – LSU
31. Coens/Domanski – LSU
32. Cordes/Hallaran – University of Arizona
33. Brocket/Arellano – TCU
34. Griffith/Sellers – ULM
35. Caffrey/M. Chacon – FSU
36. McKeown/Robert – FSU

37. Blacker/Parker – University of Arizona
38. Martin/Nederend – LMU
39. Martin/Kujan – University of Southern California
40. Nourse/Nourse – Santa Ana College
41. Anderson/Mohl – Stanford
42. Oswald/Rosequist – Tampa
43. Gathright/Andraka – UAB
44. Lim/Meyer – Westcliff University
45. Phair/Monk – UCLA
46. Sanchez/Johnson – FSU

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