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Beach VB Goes Undefeated on Day One of TCU Horned Frog Challenge

Fort Worth, Texas – The No. 3 ranked Florida State Seminoles (6-0) started off week two with wins over Central Arkansas (3-3) 5-0 and No. 19 Georgia State (1-3) 4-1. The Seminoles improved their record to 6-0, which is currently their fourth-best start to a season.

FSU 5, Central Arkansas 0

The Seminoles started off the weekend with a 5-0 win over Central Arkansas. This was the first time that the two teams have competed against each other. Three Seminoles earned their first career wins in today’s match.

Court four earned the first match point against UCA. Makenna Wolfe earned the first win of her career with partner Jordan Polo, beating UCA 22-20 and 21-15.

Kate Privett and Cassie Anderson earned the second match point on court five. The pair dominated in both sets, 21-15, 21-15, maintaining the lead the entire time. This was also Cassie Anderson’s first career win.

Court three wasted no time shutting down Central Arkansas. Alaina Chacon and Alex Hilton held UCA to only nine points in the first set and 13 points in the second set. Hilton became the third Nole of the night to notch her first career win.

On court one, Maddie Anderson and Caitlin Moon defeated UCA 21-16, 21-17, shortly followed by Jenna Johnson and Liz Waters-Leiga defeating UCA 21-19, 21-15 on court two.

FSU 4, Georgia State 1

Keara Rutz and Kate Privett improved their record to 5-0 as a pair with a 21-19 and 21-15 win over Georgia State. They kept the lead throughout both sets and were the first court to finish in the match.

Court four was the only court of the day that went on to three sets for the Seminoles. Jordan Polo and Anna Long dropped their first match point of the season, losing 21-15, 20-22, and 15-13. The pair fought back in the second set from a four-point deficit to force it to the third set. In the third, the pair had the advantage at 13 points to 12 before GSU scored three unanswered points to win the match.

Alaina Chacon and Madison Fitzpatrick won their match point 21-11, 21-16 on court three. The pair is currently tied at eighth all-time for victories by a pair with 32 wins.

On court two, Keara Rutz and Morgan Chacon earned the match-clinching point with two close-set wins. In the first set, the two pairs remained within three points of each other the entire time with FSU keeping the edge 21-18. The second set went on to extra points before the pair finalized the win 23-21.

On court one, Maddie Anderson and Brook Bauer returned to the lineup together. The pair defeated GSU 21-12, 21-19. Anderson currently ranks tied for third all-time in overall winning percentage (.859).

Scoring Summary – FSU 5, Central Arkansas 0

  1. Maddie Anderson/Caitlin Moon (FS) def. Faith Hasness/Carol Barbosa (UCA) 21-16, 21-17
  2. Jenna Johnson/Liz Waters-Leiga (FS) def. Evelyn GriffithDavis/Kelsie Sager (UCA) 21-19, 21-15
  3. Alaina Chacon/Alex Hilton (FS) def. Ryenne Gepford/Marissa Gilmore (UCA) 21-9, 21-13
  4. Jordan Polo/Makenna Wolfe (FS) def. Payton Sproule/Kayla Cook (UCA) 22-20, 21-15
  5. Kate Privett/Cassie Anderson (FS) def. Julia Oravec/Bria Garmon (UCA) 21-15, 21-15

Order of finish: Doubles (4,5,3,1,2)

Scoring Summary – FSU 4, Georgia State

  1. Maddie Anderson/Brook Bauer (FS) def. Kelly Dorn/Elise Sage (GS) 21-12, 21-19
  2. Keara Rutz/Morgan Chacon (FS) def. Yasmin Kuck/Kayla Whetstone (GS) 21-18, 23-21
  3. Alaina Chacon/Madison Fitzpatrick (FS) def. Eden Hawes/Maddy Delmonte (GS) 21-11, 21-16
  4. Bella Ferary/Angel Ferary (GS) def. Jordan Polo/Anna Long (FS) 21-15, 20-22, 15-13
  5. Kate Privett/Raelyn White (FS) def. Becky Tresham/Destiny White (GS) 21-19, 21-15

Order of finish: (5,4,3,2,1)

Looking Forward

The Seminoles resume the TCU Horned Frog Challenge tomorrow at 10:30 AM EST against No. 18 South Carolina and 4:30 PM against No. 5 TCU. Live stats can be found on

For more information, visit Facebook (Florida State Beach Volleyball), Twitter (FSU_BeachVB) and Instagram (FSUbeachvolleyball).

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