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Billy Smith Bio
Hall of Fame Class: 2006 (Moore-Stone Award)

In 1964, Billy Smith was asked by then FSU coach Bill Peterson if he would be interested in traveling with the team, which was totally unique at the time. Peterson was looking to add credibility to a team still earning respect in its home state. The Governor of Florida agreed to the unique arrangement and they negotiated a salary of “zero”, which has been doubled every year since as Smith jokes.

Since that day, Smith has escorted and provided team security for FSU head coaches Bill Peterson, Larry Jones, Darrell Mudra and, of course, Bobby Bowden.

In 1992, he was presented with the Bobby Bowden Appreciation Award. He has also received a special award by the Tallahassee Quarterback Club and has been awarded the Circle of Gold by the FSU Alumni Association, and also has also been given an honorary Varsity Letter.

Billy Smith Bio
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