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Bloggin’ with Bully: Noting the Past Few Weeks

March 7, 2013

So, needless to say a lot has happened in the past two weeks. First we came in second place in our Unconquered Tournament. We played fantastically and cohesively against top ranked Hofstra. However, Tulsa seemed to get the best of us. With those losses it was safe to say that we learned more about ourselves as a team preparing us even more for the season ahead.

Last week was by far the most eventful. We started our week-long trip heading down to Orlando to play UCF. Although we were coming off of a loss you couldn’t tell by the way our bats were rolling against the UCF Knights. We had four home runs – one from Victoria East (her first collegiate home run), one from Courtney Senas, a 3 run home run from Kelly Hensley, and a literal bomb from Celeste Gomez (we seriously have no idea where or how far her ball actually traveled). It was a fun game. Lacey Waldrop recorded 11 strikeouts winning 10-3 and we were excited about heading out to Palm Springs, California.

Five hours is never a good time when spent on an airplane but when you get to your destination it seems as though all is forgotten … unless however, you have a round trip. Anyways, California seemed to force us to get in touch with our emotions. We won our first game against Long Island University 15-1. Kelly Hensley went 4 for 4 and we all seemed to keep our bats rolling from UCF. Unfortunately our streak was put into a lull when we faced Washington and we were put to rest when we faced number 1 ranked Oklahoma, and their ace Keilani Rickets. But to face the number one team in the nation was something that we were excited about because not many teams get that privilege so early in the season. Now we know what we need to focus on and tweak to compete with those top ranked teams. By the end of the tournament it was safe to say that we were prepared to come home and work on our swings.

On a different note we had the pleasure of having dinner at the Kossoff’s beautiful home in Redondo Beach. We didn’t end the tournament the way we had hoped but we had an amazing time as a team at the Kossoff’s. We are so thankful for AK (Alex Kossoff) and her family for letting us into their humble home. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I’m sure a lot of the upperclassmen, like myself, would love to be able to visit again.

After some much needed rest from our California trip we got in the cages and worked on our swings as well as got comfortable with the uncomfortable in the field. We played our makeup game against Troy getting back into our groove winning 12-6, and ended up winning the Renegade Classic title last weekend against Troy.

Through this game I’ve learned a good amount of life lessons over the years. One thing that has truly been consistent in every year that I’ve dedicated to softball is heart and tenacity. Every year we have to push ourselves past what we are used to, we have to dig deep to get to where we want to go. There have been times where we haven’t wanted to run up stadiums at 6 o’clock in the morning or push through different adversity, but we do because ultimately we have no other choice. We all love this game for it has given us so much and while sometimes we may not like the challenges that the game hands us from time to time we, without hesitation, accept those challenges then push, scrap, and fight through them to win. In some cases winning may not mean having more points than the other team but knowing that we gave the game our all because of all that it’s given to us.

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