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Bloggin’ With Bully: Senior Weekend Coming up

April 11, 2013

Here we are on the road again! I’m currently on the bus headed to South Alabama who has been having a great season! We are excited about some good competition between two top 25 ranked teams. That’s right, you heard correctly! We, your Florid State Seminoles are now ranked 25th in the nation. It’s a great feeling. Don’t get me wrong, in all the previous years that we’ve been ranked I’ve cherished those moments however, this season has been a little different from the past.

We have had to come together, step up, believe and rely on each other a little more. We’ve realized how capable we are as one unit. So, starting off unranked, losing two key players, unsure about how our season was going to go with people out of position and uncomfortable, it feels great to step back and take a good look at how well we are doing.

Last Wednesday we played LSU. We planned on playing a doubleheader but Mother Nature seemed to be in a crabby mood. Initially we got the lead after LSU scored first until Rachel Fico (NPF’s first round draft pick) started to settle into her own. We were able to put the bat on the ball but LSU was able to do the same. After a few errors and a good situational hitting performance by the Tigers they stole the lead. After a rain delay we came back to fight and up until the last out we fought but we ended up losing to the Tigers 5-4. The loss was frustrating mainly because we knew that if we limited the errors and made sooner adjustments to LSU’s starter Fico the game could have been ours. Something I learned a long time ago from one of my coaches was that shoulda coulda woulda doesn’t win ball games. His words have stuck with me for years and it’s a reminder to make sure to not leave the field thinking shoulda coulda woulda. I’m not a pro at that nor are my teammates but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make adjustments in preparation for postseason.

The weekend following our loss put us in much better spirits. The weather was great and we ended up sweeping our ACC opponent Boston College. We run-ruled the Eagles our first game of the double header 10-0 then finished Saturday off beating them 4-0. On Sunday we came out ready to put the series away. BC came out swinging getting a solo shot in the first inning but we consistently answered back. We finished the game with a score of 7-3.

Senior weekend is coming up this weekend after we try to take care of business at South Alabama. I can’t believe that I’m one of the seniors. It’s insane to look back and see how fast these four years have come and gone. Thankfully my fellow seniors and I are going to have a couple more games on our beautiful field. After this senior weekend against Virginia and our ESPNU game on Monday against our ACC competitor, commentated by Jennie Finch, we rematch University of Florida that following Wednesday. Then we have the privilege to host the ACC tournament. I hope you all are as excited as we are about the upcoming softball mania I know we are.

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