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Bloggin’ with Bully: The Feeling is Surreal

April 18, 2013

Last week I left off with us on our way to South Alabama. We were “movin’ on up” in the rankings and the South Alabama pitcher’s rise ball was movin’ on up above our bats. We did not make the adjustments necessary and ended up losing the game however we know the steps we need to take when we face teams and good teams like that in post season.

While results of the South Alabama game did not end how we had hoped, senior weekend ended up being fantastic. We had our senior banquet last Saturday evening at a gorgeous home that our fabulous Florida State boosters let us use. We had so much fun participating and competing in the “So You Think You Can Project America’s Next Top Biggest Nole Survivor Boss War.” The judges were Shayla Jackson, Coach Craig Snider, Coach Travis Wilson, and Trainer Eunice Hernandez. The DJ was Robin Ahrberg and the Master of Ceremonies was Steve Spiers or otherwise known as The Voice. Our strength and conditioning coach Caitlin Quinn produced the “So You Think You Can Project America’s Next Top Biggest Nole Survivor Boss War.” Coach Alameda was there simply to take pictures, videos, and to point and laugh. The contestants consisted of Kelly Hensley, Betty Wilder, Alex Kossoff, Vicki Cupp, Jeff Colier, Sabrina Hensley, Mr. O’Brien, Coach Anthony, Heidi Bullock and myself just to name a few.

In this competition we had a compilation of various events in which we were judged. In correlation with our extremely long title we had a dance off, a fashion competition with models, trivia, singing/fill in the blank, and tattooing (with washable marker). It was so much fun although me and my mother’s competitive nature started to show toward the end. Ultimately my partner, Maddie O’Brien, and I ended up being the winners of “So You Think You Can Project America’s Next Top Biggest Nole Survivor Boss War.” After the competition we watched senior videos put together by our volunteer coach Robin Ahrberg. We all, the seniors, gave our thanks and showed our appreciation to everyone who has helped us and cared for us throughout our softball careers.

For some reason the weather wants to be troublesome when we are trying to play; it seemed to be in the mix when we played Virginia for senior weekend. We were forced to move the games up to 10 am and 12 pm along with senior recognition in between innings. While it wasn’t what was planned I know my fellow seniors and I were extremely happy and thankful for all of the things that were said and done for us. I have to admit, we got pretty lucky this year with hosting the ACC tournament and having UF that Wednesday so senior day was on the sweeter side of bitter-sweet knowing that we had a couple more games to play on JoAnne Graf Field. We ended up sweeping Virginia in the series and had the opportunity to play on ESPNU, not to mention Jennie Finch commentated our ESPNU game against Virginia and some of the team had the opportunity to meet her. I’d say it was a great weekend here at FSU softball.

With it being senior weekend and I finally being one of the seniors being recognized I started to think, started to look around at the people who surround me, the dirt on my cleats, the fans in the stands. My senses seemed to be a little more heightened, I took note of the way our grass smells, the way the dirt feels on my hands, the sound of the talk in the stands, the way that Steve Spiers announces my name. For a moment I took a step back and realized how close I am to the end. Softball has been a part of Kirstin, Monica, and my life since we were little, we have grown up through softball we have learned through the game, and we have met people who will always be a part of our lives. When I think about how many sisters I have because of softball, how many memories I will smile about, how much fun I’ve had all of the bad days seem to fade away. I will do stadiums, get beat up, and stay in the sun for hours all over again if it means I meet great people.

We love this game, the hurt, the pain along with the victories are what make it so great. Thank you to everyone who has played a part in our lives, without support we wouldn’t have these opportunities. This is a great school, a great team and a great season and I’m so happy to be ending it surrounded by great people.

We had our chance at redemption last night against UF. Unfortunately it did not go as planned. While we came out ready and fired up UF seemed to find the gaps more than we did. We ended up losing 8 to 0 in 5 innings. Perhaps I will eventually get over the losses we endured against the Gators but for now… I have no words.

Tomorrow we are headed to Virginia Tech to try to continue our victories in the ACC. We are excited to get back up from our defeat from yesterday.

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