October 4, 2018

Bob Perrone Hall of Fame Bio

Moore – Stone Award
Bob Perrone was a four-year high jumper for the FSU track team from 1972-1976 and while he scored in several meets his greatest feat come chronicling Seminole athletics as a historian. He has assembled the records for every Seminole athlete and team to wear the garnet and gold.

In 1999, Bob began to research and publish online the complete history of athletics – teams and individuals –
at his University. By 2007, he had posted the records and accomplishments of all of FSU Athletics on his Nolefan.org website. He spent thousands of hours gathering newspaper articles, box scores, media guides, game and match records, team rosters and photographs.

Making countless journeys from his Jacksonville, Fla. home to scour FSU’s files for the written history of Seminole athletics, he has uncovered new information, organized and codified the statistics, then published them online in a research-friendly database.

Today, Nolefan.org is a definitive record of the history of FSU
Athletics, containing the individual records of more than 10,000 athletes and each of our past and current sports programs.

Bob continues to update individual and team records as they change each week. Through his volunteer efforts and at his own expense, the records of Florida State athletics can be accessed from office, home and mobile device.

The Historian of FSU’s Hall of Fame and Recognition Committee since 2007, he was awarded the Circle of Gold Award by the Alumni Association for his service.

He recently retired after a long career as a technologist for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

In over 70 years of FSU Athletics, no volunteer has devoted more time and effort to preserve our history than Bob Perrone.

Bob Perrone Hall of Fame Bio