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Bobby Bowden Inks New Contract

Oct. 4, 1999

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Florida State University Director of Athletics Dave Hart, Jr.
announced today that head football coach Bobby Bowden has signed a new
five-year contract. The contract is effective beginning August 27, 1999,
and runs through the 2004 football season. The total compensation of the
package is in the range of $1.4 million. A revenue sharing component
through the athletics department’s Host/USA contract coupled with exempted
endorsements, outside speaking fees and camp and clinic revenues could push
Bowden’s total annual income to $1.5 million and beyond. Bowden’s base
salary is now $165,000.

“Bobby’s new contract is representative of the University’s
appreciation of his role in our national visibility, the manner in which he
represents us and the revenue generated through the program he leads,” said
Hart. “The unparalleled level of success our football program has enjoyed
the past 12 years, while the most recognized aspect of the influence of
Bobby Bowden’s leadership, does not tell the whole story. His longevity,
personality, popularity and class are even more indicative of his value to
Florida State University. Everyone who cares about Florida State, and
college football, can smile a little wider today knowing he wants to
continue to lead this football program into the new millennium.”

“I’ve said for some time now that as long as my health is good, and
it is very good right now, that I have no desire to stop coaching,” Bowden
said. “I appreciate the continued commitment from the University. This is
the second contract I’ve signed since Dave Hart came to Florida State.
Each time, I’ve got a pretty darn good raise to go with it, so I feel

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