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Bobby Bowden Sits Down With Seminoles.com For An Off-Season Q&A

Feb. 15, 2007

Hall of Fame coach Bobby Bowden is preparing for his 32nd season as Florida State’s head football coach. So far 2007 has been full of change for the Seminole boss as he added five new coaches to his staff this year. Coach Bowden sat down with Seminoles.com to discuss the new coaches, off-season conditioning, recruiting and answer a few other questions.

Q: How has it been working with the new staff?
A: It has been good. Of course, as soon as they came in here they got right to recruiting. That put us behind because we didn’t hire anybody until after January. Gosh, that didn’t give us but three weeks. There were so many kids that already made commitments at that time. We were still able to bring in a very good core.

Q: Are you relieved the recruiting season is over for 2007 and you can now focus on coaching?
A: Now comes the fun part and that’s offensive and defensive coaches meeting and getting their thoughts together. Going over any new ideas they might have, learning a new system on offense. How much different this spring will be, I don’t know. Jimbo (Fisher) played for and coached for my son Terry and (Rick) Trickett coached for him at Auburn. So we all used the same offense back in those days and I know that Jimbo has expanded it. That is going to be very interesting this spring.

Q: Is it important to you to have former Seminoles Lawrence Dawsey and Dexter Carter on your coaching staff?
A: I think it is good. They were here during the dynasty days. They kind of got us started on it. They know what it takes. They have been through it. They can relate to these kids and they will want to be like them. They are role models.

Q: Is this the part of the off-season conditioning program where you start to see leaders for 2007 emerge?
A: You always encourage your seniors to step it up. They must take it up a level. If they don’t, we have to find somebody else to do it.

Q: On Monday morning you talked to the team about how many games were lost in the final minutes in 2006.
A: That is the thing about last year that is so frustrating to us as coaches. When you get down to one more play, one more successful play and you could have won it. Or knocked the other team out of this play and you could have won it. Five of our six losses came right down to the wire. Wake Forest didn’t come down to the wire but in those others, gosh what if you could have won that last minute of that ballgame. We could have been 10-2 or 11-1.

Q: Do you think the work the team is doing in the spring can translate into those last minutes of games going the other way?
A: You hope so. The other teams are trying to do the same thing as us right now but you hope to get better in that phase of the game.

Q: The University of Alabama is a special place for you. Are you looking forward to that game with the Crimson Tide in Jacksonville?
A: I won’t look ahead to that game. My thoughts are on Clemson. It will be Clemson all the way. You have to take them one at a time. You know they are there but we will focus on the opener versus Clemson.

Q: Have you gotten used to the phrase “Hall of Fame Coach Bobby Bowden” yet?
A: No, that isn’t going to be used. I appreciate them putting Joe (Paterno) and me in the Hall of Fame but I still would love to win another National Championship before I go.

Q: Have you been keeping an eye on D’Vontrey Richardson’s baseball career so far?
A: I see where he is doing pretty good and I am glad for him because he was hoping he could do that. He could have signed a baseball contract last year if he wanted to. He is doing what Deion (Sanders) did when Deion was here. Deion would go over and practice baseball and come over and practice football when there wasn’t a game going on. I am glad to see him do this because he is trying to find out about himself, how good he is at each sport and how far he can go.

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