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Bobby Bowden’s Comments On FSU’s No. 2 Ranking In The BCS Poll

Nov. 20, 2000

BCS Rankings – Nov. 20, 2000
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BCS Rankings – Long Version
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“I felt like if we beat the University of Florida, with the responses
we’ve been getting back on the BCS, that we would be ahead of them (Miami)
this week. How firmly we would be ahead of them I did not know. I can
only live day to day with this and if we’re kicking off today, we’re in it.

“Someone asked me earlier today if I worried about it. Worry is not the
right word. Worried no, but antsy is a better word for it. You are
wondering how you’re gonna come out. Saturday we beat Florida and I felt
real good, but on Sunday I began wondering what if this happens, what if that.
“This is the way it is, I either make it or I don’t. I’m even capable of
rooting for Florida if I need to in a couple of weeks.”

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