August 15, 2010 - by
Book Challenge

Aug. 15, 2010

For the fourth year in a row, the Florida State Athletic Department has partnered with Leon County Public Schools for its annual Seminole Book Challenge.

The reading challenge will run from September 1, through February 1, and features many new additions for 2008. Students in grades K-8 will be given the goal to read 10 books out of 25 listed on the “Seminole Book Challenge” reading list posted in each school’s library. The student’s progress will be tracked by either the school librarian, English, or reading teachers.

Each school will be assigned a different member from one of Florida State’s 19 sports team. That player will visit that school throughout the challenge to encourage participation. Each student that reads 10 books will receive two free tickets to “Seminole Book Challenge” Night with the Florida State women’s basketball team. Students that read all 25 books will be entered into a drawing to become Ball Kids for the game and will be honored at halftime. The top five classes county-wide with the most books read will receive a free lunch party with members of the women’s basketball team.