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[Trademark and Licensing]

The traditions and spirit shared by Florida State’s students,
alumni, and supporters have created a demand for products
that display the marks, symbols, and insignia that are
associated with the University. In response to this demand
and believing in the need to positively promote while
protecting its trademark rights, FSU has created a Trademark
Licensing Program. Through this program, Florida State
protects and enhances its reputation by assuring that its
trademarks appear only on quality products with minimal
liabilities to both Florida State University and purchasers
of these products.

Why have a licensing program?

Trademark licensing creates a cooperative working
relationship between the university, manufacturers, and
retailers. This assures that all merchandise bearing Florida
State trademarks promotes and protects the image of the
University, its Native American symbols, and satisfies
consumers wanting quality FSU licensed merchandise.

Where do licensing revenues go?

Licensed manufacturers pay the University a royalty on all
products sold. There revenues are earmarked to help
underwrite the ongoing construction at the University Center.
What qualifies as a trademark? Any mark, logo, symbol,
nickname, letter(s), word, or derivative that can be
associated with Florida and can be distinguished from those
of other institutions or entities qualifies as a trademark.

Who will need a license?

The University will consider a wide array of products.
However, no product will be licensed without the approval of
Florida State’s Licensing Department. By assuring that
products carrying Florida State’s marks are of high quality
and good taste, misrepresentation of FSU and its reputation
as an outstanding university is prevented. The scrutiny of
products also assures that the liabilities associated with
products are minimized by not approving dangerous and
hazardous items.

Can FSU marks be used on the Internet?

Use of FSU marks on the Internet can occur only with
permission of FSU. Any unauthorized copying or reproduction
of the FSU marks is prohibited.

Who is responsible for the Licensing Program?

For questions regarding the University’s Trademark Licensing
Program, contact the University’s Licensing Director, Faye
Harris, or the University’s licensing agency, The Collegiate
Licensing Company at:

Florida State University
Mrs. Faye Harris, Director
Office of University Trademark Licensing
225 University Center, Ste. C5100
Tallahassee, FL 32306
Telephone: (904) 644-2993
Fax: (904) 644-2993
E-mail: fharris@admin.fsu.edu


The Collegiate Licensing Company
Kevin Kelley, University Representative or
Tad Schroeder, University Representative
Molly Shiver, Licensing Manager
320 Interstate North, Suite 102
Atlanta, GA 30339
Telephone: (770) 956-0520
Fax: (770) 955-4491

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