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Both Coaches Speak At Final Music City Bowl Press Conference

Dec. 30, 2007


    Nashville, TNHead coaches Bobby Bowden and Rich Brooks took part in the final bowl event of the week Sunday afternoon. The two veteran coaches met with the media as the head coaches press conference marked the final team event before the game kick-offs at 3:00 p.m. CST Monday.



    FSU Head Coach Bobby Bowden

    Opening statement:

    “It is a pleasure, something I thought maybe would never happen, to play against (Kentucky coach) Rich (Brooks). I have known him since 1980 when Nike started using universities to advertise their equipment. Him being at Oregon where the starter was from probably might have been the first school. Then of course Joe Paterno at Penn State then myself. We were probably three of the first representatives of Nike. Of course now it has grown into such a big thing but anyways I have known him for years.”


    On being shorthanded:

    “When we play the game its not like we are going to put a bunch of guys that ain’t good football players out there. We still got first teamers, you know? The thing I am concerned most about when people ask is depth. Can you hang in there with them for 60 minutes? That is the big thing.”


    On being an underdog:

    “You know, really most of my life has been that way. I was always the runt of the litter. You know coming up through high school and college and we have upset a lot of people as I have come up, you know since being here at Florida State. I really like that role better than being a touchdown favorite. When you are a touchdown favorite you got a lot better chance to win but I really enjoy the underdog role.”


    On the importance of FSU running:

    “The running game would be important to anybody’s team. If you can run the football effectively, you are going to be in for it because the other team has to stop the running game first. Most defenses are geared to stop the running game first.”


    On whether the game will be a shootout:

    “No, no we don’t want a shootout. Don’t want a shootout. I wish I knew we could shootout with them. I think we would probably like to see a slower ballgame. Both teams having to run the ball more for some reason. The thing that concerns me about Kentucky as many games as I saw them play this year and studying film, when they have been down two or been down three, they came right on back, came right on back. I don’t think we did that this year.”


    Kentucky Head Coach Rich Brooks

    Opening statement:

    “We are excited to be here again. It was a great experience for us a year ago. I think we have got a real challenge on our hands. I have known coach Bowden since 1980 and he has built an unbelievable program at Florida State and obviously an icon in the coaching profession. We have an opportunity I think to do something Kentucky hasn’t done in a long, long time. Just getting to a bowl game for a second year in a row is an accomplishment for us and I know coach Bowden is in his 26th, is that right Bobby, consecutive game. I can’t live long enough to get to that. So we just have to try to do the best we can while we have the opportunity.”


    On the FSU defense:

    “We are going to need every able body and playmaker that we can get because obviously Florida State defense to me is a lot like some of the ones we played in our league. Georgia is an example. We had a very difficult time moving the ball on Georgia.”


    On the importance of Kentucky running:

    “I know for us playing Florida State, if we don’t run the ball somewhat effectively we are going to have trouble protecting our quarterback because they rush the passer as good as anybody in the country.”


    On what winning the Music City Bowl would mean to Kentucky:

    “Well you have to go back 50 years for back-to-back bowl wins. This is our 12th bowl game in the history of the school. We could double that number and I wouldn’t catch Bobby (Bowden). To win would be just unbelievable. To reward these seniors that have lived through some of the very difficult, dark times in Kentucky football and seen the bright side the last two years. More importantly establishing credibility for the program moving forward. It would be extremely important and significant to win the second bowl game in a row.”

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