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Bowden Names Weatherford Starter As FSU Returns To Practice

Oct. 22, 2007

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Tallahassee, Fla.Florida State Head Coach Bobby Bowden named Drew Weatherford his starting quarterback for the Duke game as FSU returned to practice Monday night. The Seminoles spent 10 periods under the lights. The team worked on kick-off returns, versus scout teams and then on agility drills. Weatherford met with the media following practice and talked about making his first start since the win over Alabama. Flo9rida State will return to practice Tuesday afternoon.



Coach Bowden Quotes

On Drew Weatherford being named the starter:

“We moved Drew back up to starting quarterback.  As we try to analyze this, the best game Lee had was against Alabama when he came off the bench.  We feel like we’re better off going with Drew and then go from there and play the game from there.  That change will be made this week.”


On if he’d like to see Lee come off the bench on Saturday:

“Well that could be, as we start working on our game plan we’ll decided.  I’m sure we have certain things for him to get him in there.  He seems to be looser when he comes in under those circumstances.  He started well; it’s just our second half has got us concerned.


“It’s kind of like baseball.  Some guys come off that bench pitching relief and do a heck of a job, but maybe not as good if he was a starter.”


On whether he’d like to see Lee play regardless of how Drew performs on Saturday:

“You would hope so and you would expect to.  But you play the game and go from there.”


On whether the enthusiasm is due to the quarterback change:

“I don’t know if that had anything to do with it.  They work good, that’s one thing they’ve always done.  It’s simple for us, eliminate your errors and quit getting those darn penalties.  It’s simple, just win some ball games.”


On Gary Cismesia’s ACC Specialist of the Week Honor:

“That’s really good.  It’s amazing how the game against Miami turns out, it’s been decided so many times by a field goal miss or hit.  All of a sudden he gets five and you think you’re going to win that game. It didn’t work out that way.”


Quarterback Drew Weatherford

On being back in the starting position:

“At this point we’re more than halfway through the season and it’s more about the team right now.  Obviously I’m glad to be back on the field, but we’ve got to start playing better and stop making mistakes so we can win ballgames.”


On how Coach Fisher told him he would be starting:

“I talked with Coach Fisher today.  He called me up and I met with him in the offensive staff room and told me I would be the guy.  He said it’s not about who starts, it’s about winning games and he wants me to go out study hard and get prepared so we can win on Saturday.”


On whether he saw the quarterback change coming:

“I don’t know.  Xavier did a lot of good things and he’s been doing a lot of good things, so not really.  I really haven’t been thinking about it.  I’ve been thinking about winning and losing not necessarily who’s in the game.”


On if he learned anything new from being on the sidelines:

“How fun the game can be if you just let it.  I feel like sometimes I get too caught up in being such a competitive person and taking everything too serious.  Obviously you have to take the game serious and you’ve got to respect the game.  At the same time it’s a game and you’ve got to go out and have fun – in practice and in the game.”



Linebacker Toddrick Verdell

On facing Duke’s offense:

“We’ve got to respect them.  We’ve go to respect every opponent we go against this year.  They have all 11 of their starters back on offense.  We just have to go in and play hard.  We’ve had a great preparation practice week so we just got to take it to them.”


On what Florida State needs to accomplish this weekend to boost confidence:

“Basically we just have to practice real hard.  We worked on a fourth quarter drill tonight and we just have to focus on finishing the fourth quarter.  That’s the main focus right now to just finish the ballgame.”


Linebacker Dekoda Watson

On how the team will bounce back Saturday coming off two losses:

“I feel like we need a little more leadership as far as offense and defense.  We just have to finish the fourth quarter, that’s been killing us.  We do well in the first and second but about the time the second half comes we start to let down.  I’m not sure if we’re getting too complacent or we just feel like we’ve got them.  Duke is a heck of a team and that’s one team you can’t sleep on.  They’ve been close to beating many teams.  A lot of people underestimate Duke, but you just can’t sleep on it.”


On what stands out about Duke this season:

“One thing that sticks out to me playing defense is their whole offense has come back.  That means there’s experience under their belt and they know what they’re doing.  We have to be ready to go.”



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