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Bowden Sees Improvement In Second Scrimmage

March 27, 2004

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — The Florida State football team conducted its second full scrimmage of spring drills Saturday at Gene Cox Stadium. While the defense dominated throughout the scrimmage, it was offense that went on to score a total of nine touchdowns in red zone and goal line situations at the end of the workout.

“We had a very enthusiastic scrimmage,” head coach Bobby Bowden said. “I thought we made improvement over the week before. Our pass protection was better. The defense dominated the scrimmage until they got into the red zone, then the offense dominated. It wasn’t like you win one, we win one — the offense dominated inside the red zone. The kids went after it pretty good.”

The Seminole defense recorded four sacks (Kamerion Wimbley, Ernie Sims, A.J. Nicholson, Alex Boston) during the scrimmage. Nicholson had a sack and broke up a pass while Antonio Cromartie recorded a two-yard return on an interception early on.

“I’ll tell you who had another good scrimmage was A.J. Nicholson,” Bowden said. “He knocked down passes, nearly had a couple of interceptions, made tackles all over the field. Buster Davis had some good shots. He had a good hit down on the goal line. The defensive men put a lot of pressure on the passer and covered pretty good.”

Quarterback Wyatt Sexton, who also picked up 26 yards on the ground, connected with tailback Lorenzo Booker on a 22-yard reception for the longest play of the day. Six different Seminoles recorded catches in the scrimmage.

“The thing that makes it good is when you patch an offensive line together,” Bowden said. “When you can’t, it doesn’t take but one guy to miss a block and the play is dead. It’s not like they all miss it, just one guy, but that’s what happens when you got a lot of new faces, walk-ons, but they were able to patch together a little bit better offensive line today. I thought our offense executed better, but the defense shutdown nearly everything on the field.”

Booker had 47 yards receiving on five catches while Robert Hallback snagged five of his own for 39 yards. While Sexton saw most of the snaps during the scrimmage (9-for-16 for 81 yards), veteran QB Chris Rix (3-6-34, 1 INT) went 5-for-5 in the red zone drills, including a 15-yard touchdown completion to Dominic Robinson, and hit four different Seminoles for scores.

“The tight ends had two or three touchdowns down on the goal line and that was a good sign,” Bowden said. “And the biggest threat the offense had was when they hit (Lorenzo) Booker with the ball and let him run with the doggone thing which I can’t get them to do enough. Hallback, that son of a gun, he makes play every time we scrimmage — all 5-4 of him. He has just made good catches all spring and done real well.

“I thought Wyatt probably improved over last week, but he still had some people open at times and missed them,” Bowden continued. “That’s what he needs is a lot of scrimmaging and we are giving him more then Rix, because he’s had four springs of it. Wyatt needs all he can get.”

The Seminoles will return to practice Monday afternoon.

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