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Bowden’s Comments After 49-10 Drubbing Of Maryland

Nov. 14, 1999


About the offense against Maryland

“I thought we had the best pass protection we’ve had all year against

About the climate going into Florida game

“I would not want to go down there (to Florida) struggling. Now, the fact
that you are not struggling when you go down there doesn’t mean you won’t
struggle once you’re there. Florida has better athletes than who we have
played. Their athletes compare with us. It will be an execution game
there is no doubt about it. Who will execute better?”

About Florida quarterback situation

“The last time we played down there they combined they’re quarterbacks and
beat us. We must prepare for both of their quarterbacks. I would imagine
Steve’s (Spurrier) strategy won’t change that much with either one. At
least we have some film to study on Palmer. Imagine if they had put him
out there for the first time against you and you’ve never seen him.”

About playing at Florida

“The only thing different at Florida is the crowd noise – but that is a
difference. However, we had crowd noise at Clemson. There was as much
noise as at the Fiesta Bowl at Clemson. At least he (Chris Weinke) has
been through that noise thing. Now, the noise at Florida fires them up as
well. At least Chris is exposed to that.”

About Chris Weinke’s season

“He started the year with the uncertainty of not knowing physically if he
could handle it – whether his injury would hold up. Each game has been a
step up the ladder. Good thing is it looks like we’ve got the continuity

About Steve Spurrier

“He is more involved in his offense than any coach I’ve seen on the field.
It’s like he’s playing the game. Any interception they throw, it’s like
he threw it. He’ll study our film and he’ll have a plan for us. You
better not have a weakness. You better not have something he sees or he’ll
pick it. He will take advantage of it.”

About FSU/Florida series

“FSU vs. Florida has become what FSU vs. Miami was for 10 years from 1983.
Another facet of the FSU/Florida game is that we play late in the season.
It comes right down to who gets the trip. We used to play Miami in the
middle of the year – we played for it (the chance at a national
championship) but no one knew it yet.”

About FSU’s running game

“Our running game is not as good as I would like. No question we are
better at throwing and catching. I’m sure both of us will work hard on
running the ball.

About FSU’s position going into the game

“We probably couldn’t be in any better position. Last year we were in a
dependent position. This year it is in our hands. You go out and win the
game and you go to the Sugar Bowl.”

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