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Buckley Awarded Femina Perfecta Medallion

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (seminoles.com) — Senior Sherrell Buckley was awarded the Femina Perfecta medallion for the Seminole women’s golf team at the 18th annual Champions Beyond the Game Brunch sponsored by Seminole Boosters. The brunch is held annually to “honor the past, celebrate the present and promote the future” of women’s athletics at Florida State.

The special award is presented annually to one woman from each of Florida State’s athletic teams.  Femina Perfecta translates to “the complete woman” and is awarded to the team member who best embodies the Florida State motto of Vires, Artes, Mores.

“Winning the Femina Perfecta Award means that I am successful in being a great teammate and at the end of the day that is all I have ever wanted to be,” said Buckley.

The winner of the award is selected by the members of each Seminole team as they vote on who best exemplifies holds themselves to this high standard.


Buckley Awarded Femina Perfecta Medallion


The traditional description of the award states that the honoree “will not necessarily be the most intellectual, fastest, strongest, top scorer, or funniest, but should be the one who is invaluable to the team and who will always make a difference.”

Buckley was beyond honored to know that her teammates see her as upholding the values of strength, skill and character.

“To win this award meant the world to me,” said Buckley. “I have always tried to be the best in all aspects of my life, not just on the course, but in the classroom, the locker room and the community.”

The senior engineering student is certainly a perfect fit for this award and has clearly displayed her strengths and passion on and off the golf course throughout her career at Florida State.

“To receive this award means that my efforts have not gone unnoticed,” Buckley said. “I try to do whatever I can to help better my teammates and my school.”

By Noell Powell
Florida State Sports Information
Student Assistant

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