March 2, 2011 - by
California Love

March 2, 2011

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Hey there Seminole fans, this is Briar and Kelly reporting from… THE TOP OF A MOUNTAIN! Yes, you read it correctly. Currently we are in Palm Springs and playing in the SNOW! We just reached the top and we have already bought snow hats and made snow angels. The snowballs are flying and people are getting wet! Along with the great time in the snow, some players are sitting in the lodge doing homework and checking out the
great shops and souvenirs.

FYI: the pine cones are huge. Some of us didn’t pack the necessary things for this type of weather but it is still a great time in the 32 below temperature. It is snowing as we write this. We had a giant snow fight, and some of your Seminole softball
players (I’m not going to name any names but….Robin Ahrberg) like to
push their unsuspecting, innocent teammates into the snow while they’re not looking.

On the field, we have played some pretty tough competitors, including
BYU, Oregon State, and Northwestern. We also played San Diego State and Long Beach State. Since you guys have missed us in Cali, we hope to see you at home this weekend when we take on Utah and

That’s all we have for you this weekend Seminole fans! Go Noles!

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