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Caroline Larsson – A Seminole Hole In One

May 24, 2006

As senior golfer Caroline Larsson closes out her career in the NCAA Championship, she spent a few minutes with and talked about some of her experiences at Florida State. From her first event during the fall of 2002 until the 2006 NCAA Championship, Larsson has truly made the most of her academic and athletic career as a Seminole.

What event do you remember the most from your entire career and why?
I must admit that I have a hard time remembering the different golf courses I have played. However, one course that I definitely remember is Salem Glen in North Carolina. This was the course where I played my first NCAA Regional Championship in 2003. The reason I remember this particular event is because going out the last day we knew that we had to play well in order of making it to the National Championships. I had a great day and shot 68 and the team got in eighth place, which for all of us felt like first place!

What was your favorite course that you played during your career and what about that course made it so special?
I liked Salem Glen a lot, partly because I played well, but also because it was a beautiful course and it also had great variety. However, I have to pick Pinehurst No. 8 as my favorite. We played it for this year’s ACC Championship and it was in excellent shape! With all the trees and hills, it also reminded me of Sweden, which is probably why I liked it so much.

Is there any moment, hole or shot that you will remember the most when you think back over your career?
A moment I will always remember is when Coach Dillman called me for the first time. I was in Sweden and I was out shopping with my mom. When Coach called I was shocked and I did not know what to say, because she was the first coach to call me. She calmed me down by saying how well I spoke English and I liked her right away, something that will never change. She was one of the biggest reasons I picked Florida State as my choice to earn an academic degree and play college golf.

What will you miss the most when your collegiate playing career is over when the Seminoles finish play in the NCAA Championship?
I have enjoyed so many things in playing collegiate golf, and one of the things I will definitely miss is traveling with the team! Being with your teammates in the airport, in the hotel, and having them support you after each round is something that I will miss.

What will you miss the least when your collegiate playing career is over when the Seminoles finish play in the NCAA Championship?
What I will miss the least might be to be told what to wear each day on the course. I do like our clothes a lot this year, but I still like to be able to wear whatever you want.

How do you want to be remembered – what do you want your legacy to be – when future Seminoles look back on your career as a Florida State golfer?
I want to be remembered as an easygoing and happy person, who never gave up on anything or anyone, neither on or off the golf course. I also want to be remembered as a good teammate who supported and helped my teammates in order to achieve our goals.

You will finish your career as a four-time ACC Academic honoree. How have you been able to sustain such an incredible academic career while traveling so much to play golf for the Seminoles?
As I mentioned I never give up, and I want to do as whatever I am doing as well as I can. This means when I’m in school I want to get A’s, so I read on breaks or when we travel if I have to. One thing that has helped me out a lot is that I went to a tough high school, so I feel I was well prepared for college. I also picked a major that I really enjoy (psychology) which has made it easier for me to learn and do well.

You never missed playing in a tournament during your career. What made you such a dependable player during your career?
I have always been a pretty steady player, which is good to have on a team. Now it’s just time to lower my average score and I’ll be ready for the tour!

Community service has been very important to you and the members of the golf team. Why have you made community service such a priority?
I am just really thankful for everything that has been given to me and I think it’s good to give back to the people who are not as fortunate.

When you look back over your Florida State career what are the things and who are the teammates that you will remember the most?
Wow! Of course I will remember all of my team mates over all four years. I will definitely remember Kris Tamulis who I played with my freshman year. She was usually my room mate when we traveled and I loved hanging out with her. She was also the best player on the team and a great person to try to follow. Then we had Katie (Quinney) and Carrie (Sordel) and they were a blast! I will remember many pranks we played together, usually to South Carolina. Now Jaclyn (Burch) has been my teammate for three years and she is the one person I know the best. She is awesome and we have had many great times together! This year we also have Whitney (Brummett), Whitney (Wright), Caroline (Westrup) and Kayla (Shaul) and I like all of them a lot. It is going to be sad to leave them, but I know that we’ll keep in touch!

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