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Caroline Westrup’s Daily Diary from Daytona Beach – Wednesday

May 24, 2007

Caroline Westrup moved into 10th place in the standings and is looking to make a move further upwards in the standings in Thursday. She is only seven strokes behind the individual leader and hoping to make her move in the third round.

Westrup tees off at 8:50 a.m. Thursday morning. Fans can follow the hole-by-hole action by logging onto

“I slept in this morning for a change. Katie and I had breakfast and went shopping on the beach. We found nothing, and it started raining so we went back to the hotel. Then off to Panera Bread Company (my favorite lunch spot) for an early lunch. The wind was blowing really hard early and scores were already going higher. I knew it would be a tough day.

The love bugs continued to be a hinderance today; they were so bad that the Long Beach State Coach was wearing dryer sheets as part of her clothing to keep them away…the media people had told her this helps. It was hard to tell if it was the dryer sheets or the strong winds, but the bugs certainly did stay away from us today.

It was really frustrating on the course today. I could not make a putt and had lots of bad luck. Two of my drives were heading down the fairway and both ended up in trouble…and the greens seemed to be breaking in the wrong direction. Hopefully tomorrow I will catch some breaks, and get the ball to go in the hole!

The 12-foot alligator has moved from the eighth to the ninth hole…but we had no sighting of it ourselves. We got a little nervous as we came to the ninth tee and saw five rules officials in carts’ parked on the bank by the water…they were watching to make sure the gator didn’t come back onto shore. Good thing since I hit my ball down there!

Tomorrow will hopefully be a great day where the putts finally go in and the wind maybe calms down!”

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