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Carr Leads The Way For The Offense With 101 Yards In Scrimmage

Aug. 16, 2008

Tallahassee, FL – The first full scrimmage of the pre-season was a typical first scrimmage. There were highlights and lowlights on both sides of the ball and all four of Florida State’s quarterbacks kept the pressure on one another. The only touchdown of the day came on the biggest play of the afternoon as Drew Weatherford connected with Greg Carr on a 61 yard bomb. Carr led the receivers with 101 yards on two catches, Antone Smith was the leader among the backs with 47 yards on the ground and FSU’s three returning QB’s all had over 80 yards passing.



·         Graham Gano went 4-for-6 and Zach Hobby was 3-for-5 in the early morning kicking scrimmage. Neither connected on a long field goal.



2-v-1 from the -25

·         Everette Brown had a sack that was not called by the refs, which allowed Christian Ponder to hit Jarmon Fortson on a deep ball. Carlton Jones also had a big run.

1-v-2 from the -25

·         Smith had a 14 yard run followed by an 11 yard catch that he broke with a nice spin move. On 2nd-and-21 Rod Roberts picked off Weatherford but the veteran bounced right back. After Smith broke off a 14 yard gain, Weatherford found Carr down the seam for a 61 yard TD pass.

2-v-1 from the -25

·         D’Vontrey Richardson had a nice completion to spring star Louis Givens. Budd Thacker and Brown combined on a sack and then Tony Carter made a phenomenal play on a screen to Bert Reed shedding a block and tackling Reed behind the line. The play was unfortunately wiped out by a personal foul on the other side of the field.

1-v-2 from the -25

·         Ponder picked up 15 yards on a screen to Rod Owens, Ochuko Jenije had one of his two pass break-ups, Marcus White leaped up to bat a ball down at the line and then Jamie Robinson broke up a potential completion on a deep out.

3-v-3 from the -25

·         E.J. Manuel dumped off a screen that Marcus Sims took for a 19 yard gain that was ended on a big hit by Nick Moody. Manuel then had another nice gainer on a completion to Corey Surrency for 37 yards. Moody made his presence felt on the next play making a solid open field tackle on Reed after a screen pass.

2-v-1 from the -40

·         Everette Brown collapsed the pocket and forced the QB into Kendall Smith who got the QB hurry. Reed had a highlight reel play as he zig-zagged across the field going sideline to sideline in picking up 12 yards and a first down. Carlton Jones picked up a short yardage first down.

1-v-2 from the -40

·         Richardson had a big pass play to Carr for 40 yards and Smith had a nice run for seven more. Vince Williams recovered a fumble on a bad snap. On 2nd-and-12 Smith busted an 11 yard run but Williams ended the set with a sack after the pocket collapsed.

2-v-1 1:00 drill

·         Avis Commack came inches away from a big-time play as Richardson hit him for 31 yards but as the wideout spun out he just slipped to the ground or he would have broken the tackle and taken it in for six. Neefy Moffett recorded a sack but a Richardson completion to Givens with :3.3 on the clock put the ball down at the 11. Richardson went to Surrency in the endzone but could not complete the pass.

1-v-2 1:00 drill

·         Fortson hauled in a 31 yard strike from Ponder. Then Smith got 11 more yards on a Ponder pass which was followed by a 15 yard completion to Rod Owens. The defense bucked up after that. Lampkin recorded a sack and then Kevin McNeil had a big hit on Smith. On 4th-and-16 with :23 remaining Moody almost picked off a pass in the back of the endzone.

2-v-1 situational (3rd Downs)

·         Jones should a lot of toughness on his carry but was held to no gain. Ponder then found Holloway for a first and the bruising fullback busted a tackle and ended up taking the pass for 37 yards. Richardson hit Surrency for a first but Tony Carter then broke up a deep ball meant for the 6’5” receiver. Givens picked up a first down on a bubble screen.

1-v-2 situational (3rd Downs)

·         Smith got stuffed on his first attempt but broke his next carry for a 40 yard gain. Weatherford connected with Carr for 18 yards before White recorded his first sack as a Seminole. Ponder entered the game and picked up 20 on a screen to Fortson and then 20 more on a pass to Carr.

3-v-3 situational (3rd Downs)

·         Manuel completed a couple passes to Reed but a snap way over Manuel’s head resulted in Williams getting a big sack as Manuel tried to make a play after picking up the loose ball.

2-v-1 Red Zone

·         20 yd line: Ponder dropped in a beautiful ball over the defender to Ja’Baris Little for 10 yards. 15 yd line: Incompletion. 10 yd line: Ponder hits Surrency in the back of the end zone where the junior receiver tip toes along the back line for a TD. 5 yd line: Reed touchdown run.

1-v-2 Red Zone

·         20 yd line: Incompletion. 15 yd line: Weatherford to Owens for four yards. 10 yd line: Incompletion. 5 yd line: Double reverse to Reed for no gain.

Goal line

·         3rd-and-3: Weatherford TD run.

·         4th-and-1: Joe Surratt stood up art the goal line.

·         3rd-and-3: Sims takes a pitch from Ponder but fumbles the ball out of the side of the end zone just as he is going in for six.

·         4th-and-1: Surratt up the middle for a TD.

·         3rd-and-3: Sims TD run up the middle.

·         4th-and-1: Sims over the top of the defense for a TD.

·         3rd-and-3: Richardson bootleg for a TD.

·         4th-and-1: Fumbled exchange.




 3 E.J. Manuel: 3-for-4, 57 yards; 2 first downs

 7 Christian Ponder: 6-for-11, 104 yards; 3 first downs, sacked three times, fumble, FR

10 D’Vontrey Richardson: 5-for-10, 81 yards; 2 first downs, sacked three times, fumble

11 Drew Weatherford: 4-for-8, 91 yards, TD, INT; 3 first downs, sacked once, fumble, FR


Running Backs

 3 EJ Manuel: 2 rushes, 9 yards; first down

 6 Antone Smith: 5 rushes, 47 yards; two first downs

 7 Christian Ponder: 4 rushes, -22 yards

 8 Brandon Paul: 3 rushes, 6 yards

10 D’Vontrey Richardson: 6 rushes, -19 yards; first down

11 Drew Weatherford: 3 rushes, -3 yards

33 Carlton Jones: 8 rushes, 33 yards; first down

35 Marcus Sims: 1 rush, 9 yards


Wide Receivers

 1 Corey Surrency: 1 catch, 37 yards

 5 Preston Parker: 1 catch, 7 yards

 6 Antone Smith: 2 catches, 11 yards

14 Avis Commack: 2 catches, 28 yards

15 Louis Givens: 1 catch, 6 yards

18 Greg Carr: 2 catches, 101 yards, TD

35 Marcus Sims: 1 catch, 20 yards

80 Jarmon Fortson: 2 catches, 67 yards

83 Bert Reed: 3 catches, 19 yards

86 Rod Owens: 3 catches, 26 yards



45 Benjamin Lampkin – 2 sacks

15 Ochuko Jenije – 1 PBU

46 Vince Williams – 1 fumble recovery, TFL, 4 tackles

20 Jamie Robinson – 4 tackles

24 Darius McClure – 3 tackles

29 Michael Ray Garvin – 3 tackles

30 Derek Nicholson – 3 tackles

47 Nick Moody – 3 tackles

99 Everette Brown – 3 tackles

7 total sacks by the defense




Head Coach Bobby Bowden:

Opening statement:

“Had a pretty good scrimmage. I don’t think we had any serious injuries, I’m sure we got some bruises out there. But both groups had a good time. It’s wasn’t like one of them got the first out of the other. One of them didn’t dominate. I mean offense got their share; defense like they got their share. Offense had too many, I think they had three fumbles. They fumbled on a fourth-and-one and fumbled on the third-and-one, you can’t do that. Had a couple of interceptions; good plays by the defense, it’s pretty good. We came out this morning to work on the kicking day. Worked on the kickoffs, worked on the field goals, worked on punting. We really had a good day of it. Thought it was not a bad first scrimmage. The kids held up pretty good. It did get hot out there today.”


On the problems in the red zone:

“The fumble exchanges killed us a couple times; fourth-and-one and a third-and-one. Tough in the red zone, that’s where we’ve got to get better, we’re working a lot on it, but we hope to get better. We’ll keep working on it then there are some things offense didn’t run down there that I thought would have been real good against goal line defense but then they wanted to look at something else. Sometimes you’re wanting to look at certain plays under certain circumstances that might not be the best. I think we can solve that.”


On positions having competition:

“There is good competition out there, there’s no doubt about it. In nearly every position we’ve got competition and that’s really good. Nothing helps like that.”


On the enemy the offense has to face:

“There’s two enemies that the offense has to face every ballgame. That’s the defense, then they have to face themselves: fumbles, interceptions, penalties. I think penalties brought back probably 50 yards of runs and then of course you get the interceptions for turnover, you get the fumbles for turnover. So the enemy is them and us. So we’ve got to eliminate that, got to eliminate those mistakes and those errors.”


Defensive Coordinator Mickey Andrews

On the performance of the defense in today’s scrimmage:

“We can’t achieve our goals with a performance we had on defense today.  We talked about being discipline and we weren’t very discipline.  We talked about doing your job and we didn’t do it.  We had too many busts out there where a guy simply did not do his job.  We weren’t tough enough, we didn’t cause many fumbles.  I don’t recall seeing a hard lick.  The important thing is we didn’t play hard enough.  It felt like it didn’t matter to us.  I realize that was our first full scrimmage; we hadn’t tackled at full speed a whole lot.  Our finishing was horrendous at times.  We were very good at times and we were horrendous at times.  You can’t be very effective on defense if you can’t do those things.  I don’t know how many touchdowns the offense scored, but we didn’t do a good job on the defensive end.  We’ll be better the next time we come out here.” 


Offensive Coordinator Jimbo Fisher:

On how the older players are meshing with the younger players:

“I think these young guys are making these older guys realize we’ve got guys out here who are going to play and we’ve got to make playmakers. The older guys are not only handling it but are handling it the right way and at the same time still helping those young guys learn. We’re as tight as a group as we’ve been since I’ve been here.”


On the offensive line:

“I honestly thought we’d make some runs out there and make some plays and I was scared pass protection would get really, really ugly because we have some guys that can rush the passer but for the most part I was very pleased. I mean we have a long way to go but had some sacks early but as it went on got better and better. We had some holds, we had three or four holding penalties we have to get out with some rookie guys but for the most part for the first time they walked out it was a pretty decent showing.”


QB D’Vontrey Richardson:

On the team keeping its head up during the scrimmage:

“Whenever things got bad we kept working and nobody got down and we kept pushing and we were worried about the next play.”


On how he is feeling in the quarterback position:

“Nothing against them (Drew Weatherford and Christian Ponder), they are great, great, great players. But I think I’m ready. I’m studying hard, I’m feeling more comfortable everyday when I get reps. Personally I think I’m ready and I’m just going to keep studying the playbooks until I get a true shot.”


Quarterback Drew Weatherford

On the progression of the offense:

“I think we are making progress.  The coaches put us in some tough situations in the red zone.  We made some plays, but we just have to be more consistent.” 


On how competition makes players better and the play of Greg Carr in today’s scrimmage:

“I see a little more drive from Greg.  Now that his time at Florida State is coming to an end, he seems to have a little more sense of urgency than he ever has had.  He’s just been working extremely hard.”


Wide Receiver Greg Carr

On how the competition at wide out has made him a better football player:

“The coaches always tell us that competition brings the best out of you.  I come out here everyday knowing that I have to continuously prove myself because with the receiving corps we have out here now, a day or two of not proving yourself…you are liable to be at the bottom of the depth chart.  I just come out here, each and every day and work hard.  I just try to be a leader; you always want to be competitive, that’s just in you in the game of football.” 


On Coach Jimbo Fisher’s comment that this was Greg’s best scrimmage since Fisher has arrived at FSU:

“That’s the way I want it to be.  I know if I continuously get better each and every day, it will only help things get better and make the team better.  I just try to do my part as a receiver and as a senior to come out here each and every day and give it my all.  Coach tells us that what we did yesterday doesn’t matter.  Once its over, you got to come out here, work hard and continuously get better and do all the things you have to do as a wide out.” 


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