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Catching Up With Freshman Golfer Ashley Mangan

The Florida State women’s golf team is gearing up for another tremendous year with freshman Ashley Mangan in its lineup.  The Seminoles are fresh from a top 15 finish at the NCAA Division I Women’s Golf Championships and are looking to have an ever bigger presence nationally during the 20167 fall and spring seasons.  Mangan sat down with prior to her arrival in Tallahassee to give Florida State fans a look at her personality away from the course.

Catching Up With Freshman Golfer Ashley Mangan


Catching Up With Ashley:

My dream job (if I wasn’t an athlete) would be … I would like to work at Nike

The weirdest thing someone has ever tweeted me is … “nice golf tan”

The one rule I would change in golf is … Not being able to repair scuff marks on the green

People would be afraid to know that I am afraid of …. the movie Taken

The greatest athlete on the planet right now is … Steph Curry

My perfect sandwich is … Chicken Salad

The best cartoon of all time is … Kim Possible

My biggest nightmare is … Running out of gas

My favorite sports team growing up was … The Toronto Blue Jays

The strangest instruction of coach has ever give me … Was to take off my shoes to practice in the bunker

In a movie about my life, the person to play me would be … Selena Gomez

The best golf outfit belongs to … Michelle Wie

The best uniforms in sports belong to … The Florida State Seminoles

If I have downtime at practice, I’m usually … Snapchatting

If you are at an all-you-can-eat-buffet, the first thing I’m going for is … Mac and cheese

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