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Catching Up With Freshman Golfer Sandra Salonen

Sandra Salonen, a freshman member of the Seminole women’s golf team, has spent a good part of the summer at Florida State taking classes and getting herself acclimated to life as a college student.  She sat down with in between classes and she prepares for her first fall semester as a student-athlete at Florida State.

Catching Up With Freshman Golfer Sandra Salonen


Catching Up With Sandra

My dream job (if I wasn’t an athlete) would be … A managerial position at Nike or with the Finnish National girl’s or women’s team

The weirdest thing someone has ever tweeted me is … I don’t use Twitter

The one rule I would change in golf is … Make the holes bigger

People would be afraid to know that I am afraid of … Snakes!

The greatest athlete on the planet right now is … Teemu Selanne (Finnish Hockey Player)

My perfect sandwich is … Chicken teriyaki at Subway

The best cartoon of all time is … Winnie the Pooh

My biggest nightmare is … War

My favorite sports team growing up was … Jokerit (A professional hockey team in Finland)

In a movie about my life, the person to play me would be … Jennifer Anniston

The best golf outfit belongs to … Michelle Wie

The best uniforms in sports belong to … The Finnish National Hockey Team

The single best song lyric of all time is … “All I Want For Christmas is You”

If I have downtime at practice, I’m usually … Spending time with my teammates

If you are at an all-you-can-eat-buffet, the first thing I’m going for is … Pizza

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