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Catching Up With Matt Frier

Catching Up With Matt Frier

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Matt Frier recalls his playing days at Florida State

Oct. 27, 2003

By Andy Cunningham , FSU Sports Information

Former FSU wide receiver Matt Frier is a true Seminole. As a player, he showed class on and off the field and was held with high regard by his teammates and coaches, being named a captain on Coach Bowden’s first national championship team. Recently, I caught up with Matt to talk about the 1993 season and how his life had changed since his playing days.

What was the most memorable game of your career?
It would have to be the Miami game in 1993 — the big catch and run I had for 72 yards.
Just beating Miami after having two wide rights in a row. For us to be able to get that win, it was memorable not only on a personal level but also a team level.

What was the atmosphere like at the Notre Dame and national championship games?
The atmosphere before the games were pretty similar. Anytime you go into South Bend, there is just so much history in the place it’s just fantastic. It was a great atmosphere and the same as going into the Orange Bowl. To play for the national championship you don’t have to say too much about that – you’re going to have butterflies in your stomach and there is a lot of excitement in the air. They were real similar. I think that the biggest thing is that we were undefeated going into Notre Dame and we felt like we probably couldn’t be beat and we learned a lesson from that. Going into the national championship game, we felt like we could be beat if we didn’t have our heads in the game.

What made your 1993 team so special?
Probably just the camaraderie among the teammates. You didn’t have anybody going around talking about going to the pros or talking about what they were going to do after college. We had people talking about winning a national championship period. We had a lot of guys from our team go play pro ball but to win a national championship was the most important thing on the agenda. We talked about it, we ate, we slept — everything we did was centered on winning a national championship and we did it together.

How did it feel knowing that you helped Coach Bowden win his first national championship?
You know that’s special. I think the world of Coach Bowden. He’s a legend and to know I was a captain and I was part of the first national championship that Coach Bowden has ever won was wonderful. My little brother (Todd) was on the 1999 national championship team and that was wonderful, but I do feel that it’s just a little bit more special that I was on the first one for Coach Bowden.

Tell me a funny on-field story from the 1993 season.
Some of the guys signed me up for the Homecoming king at Florida State and I was fortunate enough to win it and it was a great honor. It just happens that I’ve got a bridge and at the Homecoming game I am supposed to be walking on the field. During warm-ups we were hitting and I knocked my bridge out. During halftime I am walking across the field with a big gap between my teeth and I caught a lot of slack for that until I could get back to the dentist on Monday morning. It just happened to be on the day that I was going to be on the middle of the field taking pictures and it was pretty funny.

What are you doing now?
I started working with my father at Frier Home Center. We have 29 places in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. We sell manufactured homes, real estate and buying real estate developments, which keeps me really busy. I am also a part of the Florida Bass Federation and I have had a ball doing that. I had a great year this year. I am ranked 5th in the state of Florida going into the state championship in October. I just stay on the road and try to make things happen. As far as fishing goes, that’s kind of my way of competition now.

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