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Catching Up With The ‘Noles

August 17, 2010 Updates:

Senior Kristie McConn:

Hey all! I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and staying busy
with travel ball and summer vacations. It has definitely been a hot
summer, but we all have been working hard to stay in shape and keep up
our skills. Whether we are in Tallahassee or in our home towns, we are
working out and ready to get back to be with the team. Even though we
might not all be together working out, we send each other e-mails and
talk on Facebook to keep each other motivated to work hard for the
2010-2011 softball year. We are preparing ourselves to come back and
have a great fall season to get ready for yet another chance at making
our way to OKC! We, as returners, know what it takes and have learned
from our previous chances. So now we are ready to welcome in our
freshmen and show them the ropes of Florida State Softball. I know I
speak for the team and coaches when I say we are all ready and very
excited to take on the challenge of making ourselves better in the off
season and getting back on the road to OKC!

July 30, 2010 Updates:

Carly Wynn (former outfielder):

Well, I have definitely been blessed throughout my life, but being given the opportunity to continue to play the sport that I love after college has been great. I wasn’t ready to let it go yet, much like I’m sure most others girls aren’t either so I’m counting my blessings!

I’m playing for the TN Diamonds and we play at Lipscomb in Nashville, Tenn. The field is very nice. They put us up in some apartment-style dorms, which allow me to have my own room and bathroom … it’s really great. It’s definitely very different from college and sadly even I’m at a loss for words trying to explain how. It’s a very relaxed, do what YOU need to do kind of environment. From time to time you hear other girls’ frustrations from a long day but then you see them at the field early working on things or staying late to get treatment because they it … and they know they do so that part is very cool, there’s a lot of personal responsibility here.

Nashville itself is awesome! I love it. You know you are in an awesome city when you go to the airport and they have a live acoustic singer there and you leave hoping he’ll release his CD soon so that you can download some of his music! Honestly I haven’t even gotten to explore too much of it, but we went as a team to a local bar/restaurant the other day because a girl who came to sing our National Anthem the weekend before was playing. It was so awesome! Not only because everyone there is so good, but because we knew them personally. That is probably the best and worst part thus far, though; great singers everywhere equals an awesome national anthem every day, awesome music ALL the time, NOOOOO place for girls like us to sing karaoke hahaha! Seriously, there has to be one place where “people who really need to keep their days jobs” could fit in!!!

Anyway, I really appreciate all of you that have taken an interest not only in my career at FSU but in my career after. I loved my time in Tallahassee and as much as I appreciated it while it was going on it just isn’t possible to fully appreciate it until it’s over so I genuinely mean it when I say THANK YOU to all that cheered me on and supported me throughout the years.



July 27, 2010 Updates:

Jessica van der Linden (former pitcher):

Hola!!!! OK, that is the extent of my Spanish 🙂

Things are going well here in puerto rico. “Official” games start soon and we have been practicing and had some practice games against various teams. The production for the central american games is huge out here. We went and saw a Puerto Rico vs. Dominican Republic men’s fastpitch game. None of us could believe how hard the men threw. I asked and they are somewhere in the high 70s to low 80s.  The bases are the same but they pitch from 46 feet.

The fans are absolutely nuts, singing and dancing in the stadium. It’s pretty cool if they are rooting for you! I couldn’t believe how nervous I was the first game I pitched. It was a practice game and my hands were shaking. It was a combination of nerves and adrenaline. I pitched six innings and I walked two, gave up three  hits, and had nine strikeouts.  One of the worst things you can do is let the first batter of the inning get on but that’s what I did the first five innings.

The second game was against a select team from the States made up of college players. Turns out the coach of that team was the coach of one of the teams I played against when I was at Florida State. It was very competitive. I don’t know my stats for that game but I only pitched four innings. I pulled myself from the game because I was tired. Again, walks will really hurt you. To all you pitchers out there, it’s not like I’m telling you anything new, but when you walk batters those are the ones that always seem to come in for runs.

Another piece of advice; always carry snacks with you. Well, either carry snacks or have your parents with you to go get you a snack! On Tuesday we had lunch around 1:30 and had practice from 6-9. We didn’t eat until after practice. I couldn’t practice pitching because I was shaking. I’m the kind of person you don’t want to be around when I have not eaten! On the way home we passed a bunch of eating places. I cried as each one went by! 🙂 (Not really but you know what I mean.)

Yesterday I finally felt like myself. Between being fully rested, full of food, and taking a double spark (energy drink) I threw batting practice to my whole team. It was one of those practices that should have been a game. It felt like college again and it felt so good!

I heard from someone that some of the games will be on ESPN Deportes. If they are, the games worth watching will be against Dominican Republic and Venezuela. Venezuela is a very very good team.


Terese Gober (former pitcher):

Hey there Seminole fans! I am currently over in Germany playing softball and having a lot of fun. Life in Germany is awesome! The only thing that I cannot get used to is the fact that there is no air conditioning … ANYWHERE!! lol So, needless to say there is a lot of sweating going on!

The team I play for is called the Mannheim Tornados. Since I have been over here we have only lost one game in regular-season play and only lost two games the entire season! Our team got first place in the regular season in the southern division. I am only allowed to pitch the second game of our doubleheader so the first game I either play first base or third base …. yes, that is correct, THIRD BASE!!! Along with playing the corners I am hitting!

I usually am in the six spot in the lineup. I’m probably hitting around .300 or so … I dont know exactly but that seems right! Hitting is a lot of fun too. I have hit a few doubles and one standup triple (yes, the field was VERYYYYYY big!) I got to third and almost had a heart attack!!! I also have slid a few times. Got a nice strawberry to prove it!! The funny thing is that I forgot how spoiled I was as only a pitcher at Florida State. Now I have to play the entire first game in the field, hit, run bases, dive for balls, then after that I pitch the second game! Needless to say I’m staying in shape!!!

Right now we have a three-week break from games. The regular season ended last weekend and we go to Holland on Aug. 14 for the European Cup! I’m very excited about playing in that because it will be a lot of fun. After the European Cup we play in the German National Championship Tournament. That is sometime in September.

So far everything is great! I’m really loving playing ball over here.



July 23, 2010 Updates:

Jen Lapicki (senior catcher):

It is as if each softball field has a magnetic force to it. And no matter where we Seminoles are, we are drawn to that field. We are drawn to taking our skills to various playing fields throughout the country and doing what we do best: compete.  

This summer I was lucky enough to compete alongside Sarah Hamilton in a game against the Chicago Bandits, in a U23 tournament is Salem, Va. and against the Pro Dynasty team.  When opportunities to challenge ourselves arise, there is no option for any ‘Nole but to face each challenge full on.  

While the first game of summer against the Chicago Bandits did not end with a W in the win category, the experience was incredible.  It was unbelievable to be playing on the same field as so many players we have marveled before us … to be calling pitches hoping to find a way to beat Vicky Galindo, a dominate Washington and Olympic pitcher.

After facing a strong and awe-inspiring lineup against the well-known pro fast-pitch team, Sarah and I found our magnetic pull leading us to Salem to compete against 11 other U23 softball teams.  Our lineup consisted of players ranging from Seminoles to Gators to Yellow Jackets to Wolverines, among many others.  While we were deemed champions at the tournament’s end, the greatest outcome was the camaraderie and knowledge that was shared among players. While six months of the year Gators and Seminoles are ruled the harshest of rivals, for this one weekend we came together as one team, growing in skills through learning and listening to one another.  There is no cap to learning the game, and no mentor to be overlooked.  Once the season begins, however, do not doubt that the rivals well reignite and Gators will become bait themselves.

Our last journey pulled us to Virginia once again to compete against the Pro Dynasty team.  Again it was an honor to be facing players whose pictures have hung on our walls as symbols of heroines we wish to become.  Seminole Softball was once again well represented.

Kaleigh Rafter (graduate assistant coach):

Hey Seminole fans! I know some of the alumni have been out on the road playing softball for different teams but here is what I have been up to.

I am playing for Team Canada again.  It has been a pretty busy summer. We had our training camp in British Columbia, Canada for two weeks followed by a week-long stay in sunny Florida to play the Florida Pride (a professional softball team located in Orlando). This was all in preparation for the World Championships. This tournament is held every two years and brings together the top 16 softball nations.  This year the tournament was held in Caracas, Venezuela.

After the round robin we were seeded as the second seed after only losing to Japan. We then had to face us against the USA in the first playoff match. There were no heroics for our team, however, as we lost to the eventual champions. The next day we were able to beat both Australia and China in seventh inning walk-off fashion to claim the bronze medal. This was the first time Canada has won a medal at the World Championships so needless to say we were pretty excited about our finish.

There was little time to celebrate though as we were headed back to British Columbia to play a series of exhibition games against the USA Futures team. The final two games of this series were actually played in the Yukon Territories in northern Canada. This is up near Alaska.  The cool thing about this place though is they currently have 22 hours of daylight. It was really weird going to bed at one in the morning and the sun had just set. But from what we hear winter isn’t much fun when they only have 4 hours of daylight to work with.

Our final tournament of the season is going to be in Oklahoma City when we compete in the World Cup of Softball. This tournament is held on July 21-26 and ESPN will be televising some of the games. So if you have some free time you should check out some great softball.

Hope everyone back in Tallahassee is having a great summer!

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