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Chat Live With Lorenzo Booker
 Lorenzo Booker answers your questions LIVE Friday, August 12th!

Chat Live With Lorenzo Booker

Here’s your chance to find out many of the things you always wanted to know about the Florida State Football team. Lorenzo Booker will take your questions this Friday, August 12th as he spends a few minutes between two-a-day sessions. You can submit your questions early but make sure to be here on Friday at 1:30 pm for a live chat with Lorenzo.

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Chat 1 August 12th at 1:30pm Lorenzo Booker

Submit Your Questions Below and Go ‘Noles!

Moderator: Welcome to today’s online chat with FSU’s Lorenzo Booker

Skyler (Tallahassee): What’s the deal with the Booker twins? Are you dating one? Will they be in town this year to support you?
Lorenzo Booker: haha everyone asks me that same question. They are actually in Spain right now doing work for there fashion career. Of course the little Booker outfits are small compared to what they can really do. I am currently dating one of them but it really wouldnt matter which one i told i was dating because I doubt that any of you can tell them apart haha. But they specialize in anything that you would want made so if you want anything made you can hit them on there website which is under contrusction TRINITWINZ.COM or their email address

Jimmy (Tallahassee): Who is your biggest inspiration in life and why
Lorenzo Booker: My biggest inspiration in life would definately have to be my mother Sharon. She raised me and my two siblings single handedly and that takes courage. Although she was a single mother i had help from my cousin Curtis who took on the role as my father figure.

Lorenzo Booker: We are definately still a national title contender. The problems off the field really didnt do much to the mentality of the team nor the coaches. When someone goes down another person has to step up

MICHAEL ROGERS (MOBILE ALABAMA): Lorenzo: Do You feel any extra pressure to perform wearing # 28 because of Warrick Dunn’s legacy at Florida State?
Lorenzo Booker: Not really, to tell you the truth i did not want to wear this number when i first arrived here. My number in high school was #1 but as you already know Cro had that up until last year. All I ever worried about was my game and what i have to do to get better. The rest takes care of itself

e.singleton: Do you regret not signing with U.S.C.
Lorenzo Booker: NO WAY!!! I have grown up watching old tapes of FSU, I have also grown up watching USC get thrashed by everyone in the pac 10 until recently. Their up now, but they are still 0-2 against the noles…

Jason Gibbs: Tallahassee,FL: When you and Leon leave FSU do you feel compforable with the younger Running Backs taking over for you all.
Lorenzo Booker: Definately. Jamaal and Lamar are definately capable of getting the job done just like Leon and I have. Not to mention the fact that we just added Anotone and Russel

Steve (Tallahassee): How do you feel about sharing time with Washington? You both are great backs, but do you ever get disgruntled about the amount of carries?
Lorenzo Booker: Not at all. We actually like it better because we never really get tired. When it’s the fourth quarter for the defense it’s only the second for us. Fresh legs all the time baby

Mike Beard: What can a high school player do to help his chances of playing football at a Division 1 college level? (FSU “Seminoles” forever!!!)
Lorenzo Booker: Grades first and foremost. I ran for a lot of rides my sophomore and junior years but it wasnt until i past the the SAT as a junior that the offers started rolling in. That, and also going to all of the camps you can. Its good to show coaches that you like to compete

Tyler: I see you and AJ around town together a lot. You guys good friends?
Lorenzo Booker: Very good friends we have roomed together for two of the three years that we have been here thus far

Chris(H-Town,Texas): Can you tell me what exactly do you have to do to get a tomahawk sticker on your helmet?Certain yards or tds?
Lorenzo Booker: Well it’s different for the offense and the defense. For the defense I know it’s point scale, you have to get a certain amount of points. But for the offense you get one for scoring a touchdown, big play momentum, five catches, a run over 20 yards. Things like that

Nate (Ft Lauderdale): How is the team feeling going into the 1st game, especially considering it’s Miami?
Lorenzo Booker: Always confindent especially since it’s Miami. Practice is like game time

Brittany (Lake City): How old were you when you started playing football?
Lorenzo Booker: In California you have to be 8 years old before you can play full contact sports. So i used to play catch with my Brother and my best friend in front of the house until i was old enough. My mother really did not want me to play but onec she saw that i had a deep love for me she supported me all the way through

Daniel (Tampa): What’s your favorite place to go on the road and play?
Lorenzo Booker: Definately Miami. I love the way the hate us so much.

james (venice,fl): Has your career at FSU been what you expected coming all the way from California?
Lorenzo Booker: Of course every kid wants to come in as a freshman and become an all american. But although that has not happened yet i couldn’t be happier. We have a great ball club but most of all i have really learned to deal with adversity. Up until i got here i hadn’t experienced failure, which is something that every player must go through. I let it bother me for a little while and i think it showed in play at times. I grew very inconsistant. But i learned from it and i think that i am a better back now because of it. Big things this year

Ryan (Tallahassee): What’s your favorite Florida State Football tradition?
Lorenzo Booker: Definately the warchant. I can remember the first time I saw it on my recruiting trip a few years ago. Almost brought tears haha

Arturo, Hialeah, Fl: Whats up Zo. Going into this season you guys have to youg QBs do you think that it’s important you and leon get the running game going good to make them feel a little bit more comfortable in the offense
Lorenzo Booker: Definately, Leon and I have got to take alot of the pressure off of Xavier and Drew. Because they are young we have to make things easy for them, kind of spoon feed them until they are ready for more

Daniel (Tampa): Do you ever play any of the college football video games?..and if so how does it feel to see yourself in the games?
Lorenzo Booker: It’s really cool actually. AJ and I are very involved in the dynasty mode with the whole recruiting process. I really lost it when I turned the latest NCAA 06 on and saw the twinz on there haha

Bryan Clark-Sacramento, CA: Hi Lorenzo,
I graduated in 1983 and have a family of FSU grads as well as converted a multitude of California folks- Tell us about your most remembered experiences with Bobby Bowden and give us some warm insights that we have not heard before. I admire Bobby more than any other coach that there has ever been.
Lorenzo Booker: Actually my favorite coach Bowden experience was a couple of years back. He had been getting on alot of us about the way we were dressing at gatherings and road games. So just to show us how rediculous we looked he came to practice sagging his pants hahaha. It was the greatest

Daniel (Tampa): Do you think you guys have lost a little bit of that old FSU swagger?…Do you think teams fear you as much as they used to?
Lorenzo Booker: A little bit obviously, but teams still fear the spear. That remains fact because when you can go to places like Syracuse and Wake Forest and get a packed house, you know your team is good. It makes another teams season just to say the beat us (Maryland)
Lorenzo Booker: Thanx for all the great questions guys. I hope to see you all at fan day and definately packing the seats at Doak on the fifth
Moderator: That’s all for today, thanks to Lorenzo for stopping by. Check back next week for a chat with All-American soccer player Kelly Rowland.

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